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Boost your brand. Effective marketing strategies for licensed products.

15 February 2024 / per Cerdá Group

If you are at the point of wanting to promote your brand, licensed products are going to be your greatest ally. In this post we are going to tell you what marketing strategies you should use to get the most out of licensed brands.

    1. The kind of licence that fits with your customers
    2. Generate brand experience
    3. Valuable content

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1. The type of licence that suits your customers

The first strategy you need to follow is: understand who you are targeting. You must know the demographic profile and interests of your customers to select licenses that resonate with them. Children, adults, men, women or even pets, know their tastes, hobbies, what they do for a living, who they are fans of.

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It is not only about satisfying needs or desires, but also about connecting emotionally with those people who have an affinity with the licenses and thus making your products essential elements of their daily lives.

Depending on your target audience you should have different types of products and licenses. If you want to target children, we recommend you to work with children's licenses such as Bluey, Peppa Pig or Gabby's Dollhouse. With these characters you can include in your business from school bags, pencil cases, slippers with lights or colourful pyjamas with their favourite characters, these types of products are a guaranteed success among the little ones.

If you want to target a more adult audience, the world of Star Wars, Marvel or Stranger Things are great bets. These types of audiovisual creations have always moved a lot of people and they have created large groups of fans who want to buy products with their designs. From pyjamas, sweatshirts, backpacks for work or university to tracksuits and socks. 

On the other hand, if instead of targeting children or adults you are targeting pets and want to sell licensed products for the furry ones at home, at Cerdá Group we haven't forgotten about them. From leashes, harnesses, clothing or feeders so that your customers' pets can also experience the fan phenomenon.

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A multi-target, multi-category company with more than 30 years of experience in the world of licensing, Cerdá Group offers a wide variety of products and licenses that will help your business increase sales and take your business to the next level. 

Having brands and characters that complement your product line can attract new customers and reinforce the perception of your brand. In other words, choose licenses that align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience. Look for those that are not only trendy, but also have long-term potential, such as timeless classics.

2. Generate brand experience

Create experiences that engage your audience. These types of marketing campaigns are very positive for your brand, as they allow you to create an emotional connection with consumers and in turn offer a memorable experience that goes far beyond the commercial transaction.

Events, product launches or interactive experiences can generate excitement and engagement around your licensed products and your brand.

For example, if you manage to work with licences that have created well-known characters around the world, such as Disney or Marvel, you can carry out an action that involves them, whether they are superheroes, video game characters or comic book characters, to come to your point of sale to welcome your customers and thus achieve this connection between customer, brand and licence.



At SuperMoments we follow these techniques and we want our clients' experience to be top, that's why we like to create magical moments so that our clients can't forget and remember us.

3. Valuable content

Social media is a great marketing strategy and a powerful tool that can help you share the ideas you want to convey about your brand or business. That's why you should use it to tell stories and create content that not only promotes your product, but also makes it stand out in everyday situations and helps you connect emotionally with your audience.

You can share stories about your business, how it started or how you work. You can also share facts about the items you sell and since these are licensed products you can talk about curiosities about the licenses.  In addition, by means of striking visual content, whether images or videos, show your customers the usefulness of your products for everyday life and their features, so that they feel that connection and want to buy them.

Highlighting the fact that you sell licensed products will not be very difficult as these are usually very eye-catching and generate a lot of engagement on social networks.

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As well as generating creative content remember to upload it consistently, but make sure you do so at times when your audience is most active. Respond to comments, create unique hashtags that your followers can follow and use to increase your visibility. 

By incorporating these marketing strategies, you can boost the visibility and appeal of your licensed products, making a positive impact on your brand and increasing the emotional connection with your audience.

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Cerdá products Sales Strategy Newsletteren




Boostez votre marque. Stratégies de marketing efficaces pour les produits sous licence.


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