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Opening a baby clothes shop. What do you need to consider?

24 February 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Are you ready to open a baby clothes shop? Congratulations! You are about to join a very special group of people: those who have had the privilege of providing mothers and fathers with beautiful, quality licensed products for their little ones.

1. Type of shop
2. Products and services for your baby clothes shop
3. Listening to demand
4. Location
5. SuperMoments Retail Lab

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1. Type of shop

First of all, perhaps the most important thing to consider is the type of baby clothes shop you want to open. For example: 

●     Online shop: an online shop is an e-commerce website where customers can purchase items directly through the site without ever having to visit your physical shop.

●    A physical shop provides a space where customers can see and touch products before buying them in person.

Either way, at Cerdá we have products and services to suit you and your business:

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2. Products and services for your baby clothes shop

Before you start looking for premises, it is important to know what you are going to sell in your shop and who you are going to serve. Have you heard of licensed products? They are one of the safest resources a company can use as they provide many benefits and profitability.

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- They come from well-known brands, such as Disney and Warner Bros.

- You save on marketing and advertising campaigns

- It appeals to consumers, so they are already positioned in the marketplace

- Fans are looking for the products

- You can count on companies with expertise in licensed products, such as Cerdá, to supply your business.

More information here: Why does selling licensed productos increase the benefits of your business?


3. Heed the demand

Licensed products are loved by all audiences. Who doesn't like Disney classics?
That's why at Cerdá we develop multitarget products so that all members of the family, including pets, can enjoy our licensed products. Yes, yes, you read that right, even the pets!

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4. Location

Location is a very important factor when opening a baby clothes shop. It is not only about having enough space for your products, but also about how accessible the location is and whether it will attract customers.

To choose the right location for your business you need to know what kind of customers you want and where they live, as well as what kind of competition there is in your area. For example, if there are many shops selling similar products nearby, it may be difficult for yours to stand out from the crowd; similarly, if there are not many people living or working nearby, it may be difficult for them to visit regularly. You should also consider whether there are other businesses nearby that could complement yours (e.g. cafes or restaurants), as this could help to increase foot traffic to your shop.


5. SuperMoments Retail Lab

SuperMoments is a chain of physical shops, located in 4 shopping centres in the province of Valencia and together with our website they form the Retail Lab of the Cerdá Group. 

Super Moments Retail Lab.002

The aim of our laboratory is to gather information about the problems, needs and setbacks that our customers face on a daily basis. When does the Cerdá order arrive at the shops? How can we efficiently implement the product in the shop space? How can we define the ranges? What strategies can help us to increase the average ticket? How can we make our shops attractive?

With this service and many others, we will help you to make your baby clothes shop a success with our products.

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