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The retail sector in the post - covid: new ways of selling

19 August 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Travel restrictions, temporary hiring freezes, changes in market demand and remote teams create new challenges and complicate sales. We'll get it!

Retail is one of most affected sector by COVID-19, both positively and negatively. Grocers, pharmacies, and e-commerce markets support consumer access to basic necessities, food, medicine, clothing and other items, and select categories of "home"-while striving to protect customers, employees and suppliers.

Now the old methods of retailing such as attract your customer by updating your showcase, posters in parking lots and more are no longer works to get traffic. Customers are scared of covid and usually avoid unnecessary go out. 

The retail sector must be transformed into the post-COVID to meet changing customer preferences and improve sales efficiency. In Cerdá we wanna show you how you can improve your sales with some useful techniques.


Adopt Digital Methods of sales

We are living in the era of the digital world. Now people prefer to buy online instead of going store. So, you have to change your selling method and revamp your selling that favors both customers and suppliers. Here are some tips to sale digitally. 


Tips to sale digitally 

    • Website: Make an attractive and user-friendly e-commerce store and upload your entire product. If you have presented your products well you probably have a lot of orders.
    • Enlist your business in local Directories: Build your store's local presence and list your business in local directories. Through this your services recommended by search engine if someone search products on search engine like Google. 
    • Easy buying: Make the buying process easy by placing add to cart and price tag with each product.
    • Social Media presence: Build your social media presence because 90% of traffic comes from social media. If you work on your store social media accounts, you can generate more revenue.
    • Announcements: Upload your latest product regularly and announce special discounts and deals according to events. Announce deals and coupons like buy one get one, sale on Christmas, 20% off to engage your users.
    • Answer queries of customers: Answer all questions of customers either on the website or on social media, and engage them to buy something from you. 
    • Feedback: Feedback is very crucial for every business. By understanding customer needs, you will receive additional or new products accordingly. It will help you understand the pain and lack of clients and give you the ability to plan and organize well in advance of the next quarter. Ideally, these reviews will naturally promote sales and cross-selling.
    • Targeted Audience: Promote your products after doing audience research. Because you have to show your products to the right person. Like if we are selling kids clothing, we have to show our products to parents and the age group of 25 to 45 they are the best buyer. The right audience can make a difference. 


Stay in Touch with your old clients

Always give priority to your loyal customers and remind them through email, messages and social media about your new products. Give them a special discount and delivery or online service. It will make them feel you are active even in pandemic and proving great service as before. 


Picked up in the store

To be able to get your business back after the coronavirus, another good option is to offer a selection of products online or through a catalog and offer the option to pick it up at the store. Thus, the exposure time for the client and the employee is shorter. And besides, the shipping cost is saved.


Pre-sale and exclusive sales

Community building, empathy and consideration are alternatives you can use to benefit your store. Exclusive deals for "special clients" can be gratifying. You will make your loyal customers feel unique by allowing them to get the best price on items in your store on a specific day. 

These private sales are usually scheduled late in the day to get more traffic. It's a good idea to coincide with new product launches or even a specific date for your business.


Educate your staff and customers

Covid will never last forever. We have to educate our customers and staff that with preventive measures and care, we can live healthy as before. Share some SOPs with your customers about happy and safe shopping. It will help you to stand out as a brand that cares people shopping and health. 


Practice safety and health measures after COVID

Compliance with safety and health measures is the most important. Take the necessary precautions to protect your employees and customers. They are essential to your normal business activities.

Your business should have signs that show different information - for example, an employee who goes home if he is not feeling well. Consider reminding people to maintain a social distance by forcing creators to stand on the floor, especially near a checkpoint where people tend to crowd. Equip your staff with protective equipment such as masks and gloves to minimize the chance of contracting the disease.


Trust Cerda Group and let us help you grow your business turnover! Take note of these tips and ensure the well-being of your customers while increasing your sales. Go ahead; we'll get out of this one!


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