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Prepare the stock of your business and stand up to covid 19

22 June 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Businesses are affected, and there is no energy to deny this. However, there's always a way out, and you don’t have to worry about this. Cerdá got your back as we’re here to make you stand up the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are you worried about how you can bring back your business on its regular operations? Look no further. You are in the right place. I’m going to show you how to bounce with a bang! We have a variety of products that will increase your sales and stock amidst this pandemic.

Now, see some ways to help you prepare to stock your business and help you stand up covid-19.


Have your inventory set and ready

 As we all know, physical goods are the essential features of any business. So you ought to get your store stocked with the licensed product and accessories.

Carry out an inventory count and get to know what you have in stock by practically counting. You have to make sure what you have on paper is what you have on the stock.

Then, get a product and sales report. Decides on the product to sell and promote the existing or running stock. Notably, previous data may not help much as the consumers spending habit has changed following the worldwide pandemic. But considering what your customer base was buying time like this last year, could significantly help mainly collaborated with online searching and social media analysis.


stand up to the covid


Check on suppliers, equipment and technologies

In avoidance of the breakdown of preparing your business to stand up the Covid-19, check on your suppliers, business equipment, and technologies and ensure everything is up to date and running as required.

 If you’re operating with physical stock, see to it that everything is just a fine as you left it. Just everything around to be sure nothing went a miss while you were away. Issues like vandalism to the property or signs of a trail of entry into your business require immediate actions. And if you realize any related questions, notify the parties concerned immediately.

Make sure all the utilities like water connection and electricity are still connected and running. Don't forget to check on your business phone and internet connection as they are equally important as other equipment.

 Also, see to it that your POS and retail management system is working. You need to run up sales efficiently and serve customers quickly, so having a working POS and retail a management system is vital.


Spread the words out

Another important thing is creating awareness and driving traffic to your business when you resume operations. How do you do this? Just communicate with your customers, just that! Tell them you have resumed operations, what you have been up to, and why they should come back. Make use of all the communication channels such as emails, SMS, posting on social media to ensure your customers don’t miss any of your updates.


Practice post-covid-19 health and safety measures

Observing health and safety measure comes as the last point but most important. Take the necessary precaution to protect your staff and customers as well. They mean a lot as far as your normal business operations are concerned. Have signs in your business displaying different information- like a member of staff to go home if they are unwell. Consider keeping reminding people to maintain social distance by making makers on the floor, specifically around the checkup point where people tend to crowd.

Equip your staff with protective gear like masks and gloves to minimize the probability of contracting the disease.

stand up to the covid

In a nutshell, observe the necessary health measure in your store to make sure everyone is safe.


Prioritize essential products first.

Have you brainstormed and identified the trends of the products in which your customer might be interested? Yes! I'm dead sure you did, and you have a long list of the potential products you wish to outsource.

 However, outsourcing product is a thing so critical. I mean, you don't just decide to stock everything you could sell. You need to choose the right product to please your customers. It's practically ideal if you want to build a reputation for selling high-quality products in the market.

Always outsource product from a manufacturer that exceeds the strict quality standard and outsource products that are licensed. And the result will be massive traffic of people coming in, knowing what they expect: a high-quality product that meets their demand.


Avoid overstocking

You should not have an overstocked business. The business may opt to go for excess inventory to meet consumer demand in case there's a shortage of the product. It's no right at all. As you prepare to stand up the convid-19, develop an accurate inventory database and forecasting mechanism to help you always buy and get appropriate inventory. What are the effects of overstocking? Well, storing excess inventory can cause business-related problems.

With the excess inventory, business ties fund instead of using it in some other business area. In case the inventory product in excess gets out of fashion while still in stock, a business loses big time as the product may fail to sell anymore. So avoid overstocking and have a stock that would last for a short time.

 Having given you all the tips needed to prepare your stock and stand up to covid-19, all you need is the best supplier, manufacturer, and distributor who will work with you to provide high-quality, licensed products and accessories stock. Cerdá offers you a wide range of licensed products to stand up to Covid 19.

As you prepare to stock your business and stand up to covid-19, it is imperative to observe every other factor discussed in this article. No one knows when the normality will arrive, but it's never too early to think of what you‘ll do once the pandemic goes. Follow the steps mentioned earlier and let it guide you in preparing your stock for the grand resuming of your business.


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