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Sales techniques for your store: cross selling or up selling

17 June 2020 / per admin

Cross-selling and upselling are the propellers towards raising sales levels in every business. Cross-selling is the art of proposing other, complementary product to a customer who has already bought. It’s not about tracking and misguiding your customers. It’s honest energy to give valuable customer additions while earning extra income.

Just so vital, you want to increase sales volume while the business is new before you may have to mark it down. In Cerdá we wanna show you how to implement this techniques in your store. 


What consists of upselling and cross-selling? 

Matching products

The way before a customer walks in your store; you should have number products to offer as an additional, complementary product. Notably, of course, you can be upselling every product in the store, at least have categories running in your figure tips. Should I give an example of upselling pairs? Look, handbags can go with shoes, blazers with ties, and cufflinks with watches. Try to match products for your to win the customer.

Observing relevancy

As you upsell, ensure you are relevant to your customers. Keep them connected to the original product and the interest of the shopper.  The relationship you build with your customer even before your selling will help in making reasonable product suggestions. Listen to the customer as they express their needs and how they intend to use the product, and by the end of the conversation, you can have a clear picture of the most relevant additional products.

Being reasonable

You need to apply reasoning in the sense that if a shopper buys a $200 pair of shoes, it makes sense to suggest a $15 notebook, but imagine a customer buying a 20$ pencil case and suggesting $60 backpack!  Do you see reason? The proposed product price should not exceed the cost of the initially bought one.

Showcasing your product

Display the matching products and complementary pairings on the sales point. It makes it easier to cross sell when customers can see the product clearly and how they appear as a pair. Perhaps you had to walk to the store to pick a blazer and find customer’s mind is already diverted. Most probably, you will not cross-sell. Always keep the product you cross-sell near the sales point.


¿How to implement it in your store? Let’s go through it 

  • Start with your best shoppers

You may find it hard to roll out new service to everyone at the same time as you have some curve and adjustments that need to be made to your selling strategies before you approach clients. I recommend trying it out with a few of your best customers to observe the reaction. Ask them what their thought about the service is, how it will impact their business, what they are willing to pay, and so on. By doing this, you get feedback, that will go a long way in approaching other clients.

  • Conduct quarterly business reviews

Business reviews are crucial because they offer a golden chance to cross-sell and upsell clients. Every other salesperson will tell you the core values in selling: understanding the clients’ needs, and that upselling and cross-selling are no exception.

By understanding clients’ needs, you'll appropriately have additional or new products. That will make you know the pain and the lack of the clients and puts you in a position to plan and organize ahead of the next quarterly. Ideally, these reviews naturally facilitate upselling and cross-selling.

  • Build a customer case study

If you have a client that is using the product effectively, always capture their story. It's essential to show a real-life example to support your theoretical part in explaining. Once captured, you can share with other potential clients who might have shown interest mainly through emails.

Upselling and cross-selling are for the betterment of your business, but not every time that results are positive. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of cross selling and up selling

  1. Cross selling creates customer loyalty. When you cross-sell to a shopper and solve the problem, you build reliability. There is a high probability that they will come again.
  2. Increases profit margin, lowers prices. After creating customer loyalty and they keep coming back, you will sell more and selling more means high profits, and finally, you can sell at a lower price.
  3. 3. Makes you unique. There are several cross-selling techniques, and whatever way you go, becomes a personal selling advantage that differentiates you from the competitor.
  4. 4. Strengthens customer relationship. Don't try to pitch product they don't like and as long as you take no for an answer, you always strengthened the customer-seller relationship.




Disadvantages of cross selling and up selling

  1. Relationship risks. Cross-selling always has one element of uncertainty, and that's it can interfere with the customer seller relationship if approached inappropriately.
  2. Forceful selling. A shopper may not be interested in making a purchase and end up feeling that you're forcing them to purchase out of their own will.
  3. Hard to convince. It’s not easy to convince a client that a higher quality product is more valuable than a lower quality product.


How do I know the best-sales techniques for my business?

Get to know your audience

It's a fact that you already know your buyers, that's okay. But it's as well essential to know your audience once they bought from you. Advisably, use population composition, and psychographic information about your clients together with customer feedback. It will help you in creating your clients' persona and get to know their challenges and objectives so that you can successfully identify the product to cross-sell or upsell to them.

Observe active listening

You will be able to upsell or cross-sell to your customers only if you actively listen during a phone call or email exchange. Ensure you sharpen your listening and reading skills as your customers may signal readiness to hear your offer.

If a customer talks of a wish for expanding capabilities, or a desire to reach their goal quickly, that would sound like the best time to mention how other products can help them do so.


IMPORTANT: For you to upsell and cross-sell, you need to match your products with seasons. A time like now, we're approaching summer. We have some fantastic and exceptional summer products that can help your business sell more and faster. 


Crossing selling and upselling are two selling techniques that are mostly taken as the same, but with different customers, it may call for using a specific one. Learn how to implement them for effective selling with Cerdá.


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