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9 tips to recover abandoned shopping carts

29 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá we want to help you transform the intentionality of your customers into sales, so below we are going to give you 9 tips so you know how to do it.

Let’s go!


  1.  Web purchase security

Mistrust in the network continues to be one of the hottest points and one that worries users the most. And, therefore, we must try to provide maximum security, transparency and reliability.

Entering personal data, addresses and credit card numbers is not pleasant for customers and, definitely, it is difficult for them to provide according to what information can be mismanaged if the web does not have the appropriate security and guarantee programs. Therefore, this is the main aspect you should work on.

When a purchase is going to be carried out, it is Google itself who warns that an unsafe web page is being accessed and this, without a doubt, encourages most users not to think about it and decide to abandon any process purchase that had been started.

So make sure you have an SSL certificate that guarantees that the data sent is encrypted and that no one can access it.


   2. Review the purchasing processes


We are likely convinced that our e-commerce provides ease in all procedures but that, when taking stock, we find many online shopping carts that have not come to fruition.

If so, it is that something is failing and the first thing to do is review all the procedures that users go through, find where they get stuck and what are the possible reasons why no progress has been made in the purchase.

Reviewing all this, without a doubt we will arrive at the perfect solution. It is possible that the process is not as intuitive as we think, that too much personal data is being requested in the forms and that customers do not want to contribute or respond, that the shipping costs are too high, that the delivery times are too high...

Be that as it may, it is important to respond to the problems we encounter and thus reduce the abandonment rate.


   3. Shipping and return policies


Another of the main reasons for abandonment are the shipping and return policies. Sometimes customers go to the last step and that is when they discover that the policies do not meet their expectations and that, therefore, they do not want to continue with the purchase.

In this sense, the transparency that you offer to users is key and fundamental. And, also, completely necessary to get consumers to trust your business and the guarantee of security and peace of mind.


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   4. Email marketing


Email marketing is essential to increase conversion. Through the different email marketing strategies, you will promote the purchase, either with reminders of abandoned online shopping carts, offering discounts or promotions with time limits and informing them of relevant company news.

The conversion rate that you can achieve with email marketing is around 6%, so it's really important to  start it as soon as possible.


   5. Offer different payment methods


User wants to be able to choose how to carry out the payment of his purchases and, in this way, feel more comfortable making the transaction and choosing himself the method that best suits his needs.

So make sure to guarantee different payment methods, more the better: credit card, PayPal, transfer, refund, so that everyone can see their needs and preferences resolved.


   6. Remarketing


Use different remarketing strategies so that the customer who has abandoned their cart continues to have you in mind and, of course, increasing their need to acquire the products of your e-commerce that they had been consulting.


   7. Use retargeting on Social Networks


Users spend a large part of their day consulting or sharing content on their social networks, so they become great allies to recover abandoned carts in your e-commerce.

And the secret to achieving this does not go beyond retargeting, installing the Facebook pixel on your website and activating Instagram and Instagram Ads.

Using this advice that we propose you can recover up to 12% of abandoned carts, so use them wisely and get the most out of your investment.


   8. Google Ads


As with Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, Google Ads needs to install its labels on your e-commerce and, then, it will start showing Display visual ads to all those users who abandoned the purchase process on your website.


   9. Pop Up alert


Pop Up, well used and at the right time, can be very convenient. Since if it is detected that the user is going to abandon the cart and pops, it can provide incentives to the user to carry out the purchase.


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Transforming the purchase intention of users into sales is the priority of any e-commerce. For this reason, the reasons that have led them to abandon the online shopping carts must be also taken into account, and interfere so that they are not forgotten or abandoned.

With the tips that we have provided in this post, you can start to improve the conversion rate of your online business and increase your sales as well as the satisfaction and positive perception of the shopping experience of your clients or potential clients.

So now you know! Get down to work and carry out the best possible strategies to achieve your goals.

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Tips and Advice Online sales


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