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What are the retail industry challenges for 2020

17 September 2019 / per Cerdá Group

With the advent of the Internet, shoppers' habits changed radically, becoming "semi experts" in all subjects. With just a few clicks from the sofa at home, anyone can access all the information, prices and availability of products from all over the world. As far as licensed products are concerned, this medium allows you to learn about new trends, delve into the fashionable characters of the moment, the most in-demand items, innovative materials, etc.

The world of licensing must be prepared at all times. Willing to change, modify and reinvent itself at the pace that the preferences of distributors and stores or consumer demand change, with the ability to acquire the best licenses or those that best fit their sales and the highest quality products in the market to offer them to customers. Do you know what are the challenges of licensing for 2020? We explain! 


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Why choose licensed products?

Making your way in a business is complicated, and even more so when there are so many competitors and some of them are so well established in society. For this reason, licenses are the great allies, since, from the very beginning, they allow a good product that has already been promoted, developed and consolidated to make a niche for itself.

Using licenses consists of introducing into our stock products of characters that already have an image and recognition by the consumer. To invest in licenses is to bet on increasing the number of sales of our business, offering the public the exclusivity of a product, ensuring quality in front of imitators and getting spontaneous notoriety, associated with the characters of the licenses acquired, and that do not involve an extra cost. 


Challenges for the licensing sector in 2020

As we have said, licensing is in a continuous process of change and is constantly evolving. Therefore, every year new challenges arise that must be assumed, assimilated and achieved.

The main objective is to get to know our customers as much as possible. What are their tastes, interests or preferences to be able to put within their reach the products that most attract them and that are really of their interest.

In recent years, the world of licensing has evolved from the arrival of references such as Frozen, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, characters whose appearance was a real bombshell, to the current scenario where there are no licenses that predominate with so much difference over the rest. The new ways of consuming content that customers have make it very difficult to know what's in fashion.

Therefore, another major challenge is to promote the ability to build brands from new forms of consumption (Internet, social networks, etc.) and help different partners to modernize so they can bring the most demanded licensed products to the consumer. At Cerdá we have been expert consultants in the world of licensed products since 1987 and our mission is to help distribution professionals increase their income and profitability through the marketing of licensed products. 



Licensing sector news for this year

This year the novelties continue to go in the direction of the classic characters, those of all life, those who at the time managed to reach the hearts of all and, today, continue to conquer the new generations. Also, the different re-releases that will take place in the cinema during 2020, will also be definitive to increase the demand for this type of characters.

Aladdin, Dumbo, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Harry Potter, Disney princesses such as the Little Mermaid, Snow White or Elsa of Frozen will surely set the trend as a result of the related premieres. Superheroes and other classic characters such as Mickey and Minnie or Donald will continue to be synonymous with sales.

If you really want to bet on the latest products and licensed characters we recommend you to expand your stock with references such as LOL Surprise or Fortnite


What kind of licensed products work best in 2020?

Stationery and accessories are really profitable options for any business that bets on licenses. The textile sector will continue to be on the rise, which is why Cerdá has developed a line of textile products that will cause a sensation among your customers: pyjamas, swimsuits, t-shirts, sweatshirts or our collection for babies. An endless number of options in our extensive catalogue.

Footwear will also continue to be part of the bulk of sales in the licensing sector by 2020, as well as accessories. Trust Cerdá to stock the products that best match your store's sales! We will be happy to help you.


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