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Benefits of including licensed products in your shop

27 July 2023 / per Cerdá Group

productos licenciados al por mayor

Licensed wholesale products are one of the most reliable resources a company in the industry can use. They provide so many benefits, opening the door to a market that is already part of the customers' preferences.

At Cerdá, as the leading wholesaler of licensed products for all audiences, we know what we are talking about. Our extensive experience backs us up and our progress towards the improvement of our customers provides us with sufficient data to be able to confirm that, without a doubt, licensed products are the key to sales success.

Therefore, below we explain in detail everything you need to know.

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What are licensed products?

Licensed products are all those that a business can offer to its customers and that are supported by other brands. That is, the company acquires rights to use the image, brand or logo of an established company, such as Disney, and can use it to license its new products and sell them to its own customers.


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At Cerdá, as specialists in wholesale licensed products, we use licensed products to provide quality, confidence and service and, in this way, offer our customers the possibility of increasing, improving and building customer loyalty with the sales of all types of licensed clothing, footwear or accessories.


Benefits of wholesale licensed products

The benefits that a business can achieve through licensed products are almost incalculable. And, below, we are going to explain which are the main and most effective ones for your business:


1. Recognised brand

The first benefit to highlight is that, with licensed products, the brand and its characters are recognised. This is undoubtedly a big step, since the brand itself has made the effort and invested money and effort in making itself known, establishing its product and making it known to the public.

And, of course, that he or she admits it, loves it and creates emotional bonds.

productos licenciados al por mayor


2. Savings on marketing and advertising campaigns

As it is the brand itself that has invested in raising awareness of its products, your business will not have to start from scratch or create any kind of campaign to promote its product. This means substantial cost savings that will help increase profit margins.


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3. Market positioning

Having licensed products in your business is an attraction for consumers. Consumers are mainly driven by two key aspects: emotion and functionality.

Therefore, by working with licences you are provoking the customer to come to your business looking to satisfy their functional needs, but also emotional, nostalgic, attachments with the characters...

The protagonists of the licences are recognised and loved by the public, as they already have a positive image, which gives your business value and trust in the eyes of your customers.


4. Fans are true master searchers

If a brand has worked well with its product, the fan phenomenon is generated. And this is where, for example, the self-described 'geeks' emerge.  This trend is increasingly on the rise. True fans of their characters are looking for, and finding, businesses that sell innovative and original products based on their favourite characters.

Your business, therefore, will be the focal point for fans or lovers of the licensed products you offer, helping you to increase sales, attract new customers, build customer loyalty and even encourage cross-selling to increase revenue.


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5. Relying on Cerdá to reach out to the whole family

An indispensable contribution that makes the difference when working with us is that as a wholesaler of children's and adult licenses we reach all audiences.

In other words, we not only focus on meeting the needs of children, but also those of adults and even household pets.

Therefore, the trend that is taking so much strength to dress all the members of the family with licensed products will be covered in your business. You can offer products and accessories to everyone depending on what they are looking for and their favourite characters.



Cerdá Services: your business is unique and we treat it as such.

At Cerdá we have extensive experience as wholesalers of licences. We know and continuously analyse the preferences of our customers, the trends that are on the rise, the favourite characters and the best raw materials to create innovative, creative and unique products.

For this reason, we also offer you the option of accessing Cerdá Services. And thus improve, plan, create or manage your business in an easy, fast and fruitful way.


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The services we offer are tailored to the real needs of each client, whether it is retail, a chain of shops, distribution, large-scale distribution or an online business. And, once we have focused on what your specific business needs, we offer you the help you really need. Creating customised quotations, carrying out an automatic integration of catalogue or stock in your online shop, guaranteeing the availability of products, carrying out the advice you need...

As you can see, the wholesale licensed products that we offer at Cerdá are the perfect solution to motivate the growth of your company's profits. Working with quality, originality, security and trust is our maxim and, for this reason, we offer you all our products and services so that you can achieve the objectives and strategies that you want to implement in your business.

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