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New collection! Travel collection, the accessories that accompany you

5 August 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Our new travel collection offers the best travel backpacks and accessories always to have your favorite characters everywhere.

NewIf you are interested, still reading and discover what Cerdá can offer to you!


Casual, school and Travel Backpacks

We have thought about all the occasions when anyone might need a backpack and about all the best-known heroes and characters. Also, the quality of the backpacks is essential; that is why we have chosen the best materials to make them resistant. 



Disney has left a significant mark on the hearts of children and adults, that is why we include in our new collection many of the most famous characters, these are:

  • Mickey: They are made of polyester, PU details, and the other has Mickey's figure printed on all sides. One of these backpacks is blue with black details, and the other is the typical combination of red and black.
  • Minnie: One of these backpacks is made of polyester plush fleece with details made of PVC, and the other is made of 50% PVC and 50% polyester. The colors of the backpacks are black with red and white dots. The transparent backpack has printed Minnie details in PVC and polyester.
  • Lion King: The backpacks are made of polyester with PU details. The color that stands out the most is beige along with gold, but there is also a backpack with an animal print pattern.



Every kid has ever wanted to be a hero, and adults love the movies of these same heroes because of the history and memories they bring. Marvel has the benefit of attracting all kinds of audiences, that's why we have included the following heroes. 


  • Spiderman: The color red will always be present in the spiderman backpacks and the spider logo. The primary material is polyester and PU.
  • Captain America: They are made with polyester, backpacks have PU details, Captain America logos, and each one has a different design. The color that stands out the most is blue, and the figure in each backpack is the star of Captain America. 
  • Avengers: the avengers backpack is made with 100% black PU and has figures with a relief of all the members of avengers.




The Mandalorian

In 1977 star wars film was released, which has been one of the most successful movies and series sagas in history. Everyone knows at least one character from star wars and would love to have a product with their design. That's why we have included the following models:

The Mandalorian  backpack has one of the most aesthetic designs in this collection because it has the logo that represents the Mandalorian helmet in gray and black. It is made with 70% polyester and 30% PU. 

You can also find designs for the highest grossing character in the series: The child. Just download our catalogue and discover all our novelties 


Warner Bros

Although this company's name does not have the same impact as the previous ones, it has excellent series and movies. Still, not everyone knows that Warner Bros made them. This new collection has the following series and movies:

  • Friends: The backpack has the friends logo, is black with red, and is made of 90% polyester and 10% PVC. 
  • Harry Potter: Being Harry Potter, one of the most famous sagas, we have included designs made with polyester, PU, and a transparent backpack made with PVC. The primary color of the backpacks is red wine, and they have the initial of Hogwarts
  • Batman: Our new Batman backpack is made of polyester with PU details, is blue in color, and has the Batman logo.

H2: Accessories to travel wherever you want

Backpacks are not the only thing to take when traveling and we know that more accessories are needed. And that is why in our Travel collection we wanted to add the most original accessories for traveling.


Travel set

As its name suggests, you cannot go on a trip without your travel set. So that all your hygiene products are well stored and protected you have the bathroom sets. Of the most fashionable characters!

You can find different designs and characters such as Frozen designs, with Elsa’s images, you also have Harry potters and or The Mandalorian designs. Characters for all ages and tastes!


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Beauty Accessories 

We all want to be well-groomed and handsome when we are traveling, whether for work, a leisure or family trip, we always look for ways to get ready.

And so it is essential in your list of accessories to travel the hair brush. What if it's with the image of your favorite hero or character? Without a doubt, with them by his side, he is much better.

And that's why we offer you a wide variety of licensed brushes with your favorite characters. From Minnie and Mickey, the most famous mice in the world, to Friends or Harry Potter. Do not hesitate to incorporate them into your store!

At Cerdá Group, we care about our clients and include the perfect accessories for trips or the city. We offer umbrellas, wallets, thermoses, sweaters, notebooks, and more stuff with hero designs. Please do not wait any longer and contact us for more information.


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