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How to create an ecommerce for your physical store

27 July 2020 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá we want to help you improve the future of your store, so below we will explain how to create an e-commerce so that you can achieve all your goals.


What is an e-commerce?

Before starting the adventure of knowing how to create an e-commerce for your physical store, you must know exactly what it is.

E-commerce is the abbreviation for electronic commerce and encompasses all the commercial activity that is carried out online for each individual seller.

Over the years, and experience, this type of digital activity has been improving, adapting to the needs of sellers and buyers and becoming a safe, easy, fast and very beneficial practice for both parties.

It is important to know that e-commerce are online stores in which only products from a single seller are sold, unlike marketplaces, for example, which include products from a wide variety of stores.

So starting your own e-commerce will make it easier for you to reach many more customers and thus increase your profits.

In addition, with the presence of COVID-19 on our streets, having an online store will allow you to continue selling all your products to customers who prefer not to have to physically go to your store.


Steps to create an e-commerce

Your domain

The first and most important step is to have a domain in which to create your e-commerce. If you already have a website for your store, you do not need to buy a new domain, but you can create a directory within it that allows you to adapt your physical store to e-commerce.

Tools for e-commerce

It is not necessary to have programming knowledge, although if you need it, you can always go to an expert who helps you improve the quality of your new platform and knows how to create an e-commerce in the most optimal way.

If you decide to do it yourself, you can use tools that are already predesigned and that have all the necessary functionalities to start managing your online sales (Shopify, Cloud Store, Prestashop ...) and that also allow you to carry out different types of customizations.

Take time to learn what each of them consists of, the payments, commissions, and services they offer, and assess the one that best suits your needs.

The trend of online shopping is increasingly used by consumers through mobile devices. Therefore, one point to keep in mind is that your new e-commerce allows you to adapt correctly to all types of screens, including those of smartphones.

Integrate your virtual store to the physical one

Adapting a physical store to an e-commerce is essential to facilitate your work and have much more exhaustive control of all your products and sales.

For this, the planning of business resources is key, since you can unify the finances, the stock you have and all the commercial aspect.


This aspect is essential to have a functional, practical e-commerce that continues to attract and give confidence to customers.

Make sure that you physically have the stock that you are offering and that the transportation options that you are offering are accurate, effective and reliable. And what are the costs that will entail.

In addition, you can include the option, also, to collect purchases in your physical store.

Payment Methods

Another fundamental aspect to know how to create an e-commerce is to properly configure the different payment options. You can select payment by credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal...

Take care of all the details

All the products that you include in your e-commerce must be accompanied by a quality image and an exact and precise description.

In addition, you must make very clear the section on privacy policies, returns ... And, of course, implement a customer service that builds trust and resolves all doubts that customers may have.

At Cerdá we remain at your disposal to give you our best advice and to accompany you in the digital transformation that your business needs. Increase sales by putting facilities at the customer, it's time to do it!


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Point of Sale Tips and Advice Online sales


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