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What do you need according to the type of client you are

26 October 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Well, it’s true that, depending on the type of client, different strategies or decisions can improve your company's growth and, therefore, increase your sales.

At Cerdá we are more than a wholesaler of licensed products. We are a support for our clients, and we work hard daily through the creation, design and manufacture of the products of the most demanded licenses. We accompany you through the growth process, offering the best personalized growth choices for your business.

For this, we provide a series of services to help our customers, depending on the type of client they are: retail, a chain of stores, distribution, large distribution, online.

On the following chart, you’ll be able to see – depending on which type of client you are – the services we provide and, below, a description:


                  1. Stock and products availability
                  2. Custom projects
                  3. Automatic update of catalogues/stocks of your digital shop

 1. Stock and products availability

Do you need the support of a trusted expert to overcome the difficulties that may arise? Are you looking for a service suitable for your needs in terms of product, logistics and financing?

At  Cerdá we provide support on this matter and answer all of your doubts and questions during the purchase process.

These are the advantages of working with us:

Stock of product available

  •       We have more than 22,000 m² of logistical storage for products available all year long and we send reports about the stock in real-time.
  •       We have a wide selection of categories and entertainment brands for every age and taste.
  •       We have a large range of products and we update our catalogues by more than 60% every year.

Speed of our service

We adapt to your needs, so:

  •       You can purchase by unit, sizes, boxes or by target audience: from children to adults, including pets!
  •       You can prepare in advance for summer, winter and back to school campaigns.
  •       You can receive your products in a short time; we guarantee a 24/48 hours delivery.
  •       You can enjoy a personalized service.

We guide you through the purchase

  •       We have a user-friendly website with all the information at your fingertips.
  •       Our client support provides all the features to make your day to day life easier.


2. Custom projects. We design your ideas.

At Cerdá, as manufacturers and distributors and wholesalers of licensed products, we follow the entire process until the product reaches your business. This also includes the design, which allows us to create a product according to your needs, your ideas and your target audience, achieving, as a result, an exclusive product for your customers.

And we not only have a catalogue with a multitude of classic and trendy characters, but we also have our manufacturing service for exclusive products, making your ideas true. Therefore:

  •       We adapt to your requirements and your technical needs. Tell us how you want your collection, and we’ll make it come true.
  •       We offer 100% exclusive products.
  •       We guarantee all quality standards.
  •       We manage the delivery that is best for you.
  •       We put resources, managers and processes at your disposal.


3. Automatic update of catalogue/stock of your digital shop

Surely if you stop calculating the time you spend on your e-commerce when uploading each reference, how hard it is to take good and high-quality pictures, or how difficult it is to check the availability of each reference of your e-commerce, the world will crush you.

To forget all this tedious part, at Cerdá we adapt to you and offer you an integration service for e-commerce that allows you to have totally or a part of our catalogue on your website, immediately and without effortlessly. To make it easier for you.

Invest your time in something really important, and leave the rest to us!

With Cerdá you can save time, resources and space as follow:

  1.     Integration. Allows the connection between different e-commerce platforms.
  2.     Graphic resources. We offer you high-quality images and resources for every product.
  3.     Shipping in 24/48 hours. Without long waits and with enviable logistics.
  4.     Personalised touch. Our advisors adapt to the needs of each client.

We also offer different ways to start this process and you can choose what is best for you and your business:

- Download CVS/Excel

    •       Manual process
    •       Information every now and then, according to the client’s needs.

- FTP with CVS/Excel

    •       Automatic process
    •       Information every now and then, according to the client’s needs.

- Webservice

    •       Automatic process.
    •       Information in real-time.


As you can see, at Cerdá our goal is to help our clients to increase their profits and profitability through the creation and commercialization of licensed products. To achieve this goal with work by your side, we study your case, your needs and we look for a solution you need to get the most out of your business. If you are interested in our service, you can contact us here or you can find more information on our page. We’d love to guide you and find the best service for your business.


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