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7 Tips on how to make your retail display more attractive

6 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

The attractive retail display reflects the swag of your brand, what it is, and what you are selling. If you have worked on display and made an aesthetic showcase, then you can generate a lot of traffic without efforts.

Mostly people do window shopping when they find a great retail display; their mind automatically encourages them to purchase a product from you. A retail display of your shop should be creative and playful in both aesthetic and sales points of view. Here are some great tips on how you can make your reatail display more attractive to your customers:


7 tips to make retail display more attractive 


1. Give Importance to Visual elements 

Work on visuals and seek the attention of potential buyers, a successful window display encourages you to come and visit what you are selling. If you have an electronics store, you should create a feeling of how these electronics can help you solve your problem. If you have a clothing or shoe accessories store, then you should create a story and a cool window display. Works on every detail; don't ignore anything such as size, design, and style of items.

Try to display 3-dimensional views of products. Through the store, showcase suggests the buyers which combinations are a perfect match to their skin tone, heights, and weight. Visit other stores and get an idea of which things can attract customers and what people notice. Think artistically, because creativity inspires everyone.

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2. Announce deals

If you are getting less sales even after having a great showcase, then you should work smartly. Notice the things which you are missing may be price tag is the issue. Display price tags and announce some exciting deals. You can set event deals and change your customer's minds. A lot of people prefer to buy a deal instead of regular items. When you announce deals, provide information on products and discounts to products such as buy one and get one free, winter sale, 30% off on Mother's Day, etc., you will definitely improve your sales. Display your deals and announcements of social media as well as on the window of your store. It should be clear and readable. 


store showcase


3. Work on lighting

Lighting is a game-changer of sales. It's not only important in the showcase but also plays a great role in the store environment. Arrange lights for showcase and highlights the areas you want. Beautiful lighting can impact on customer behavior. If they see the details of items clearly, they can make a decision to buy quickly. Research shows that buyers tend to spend more time in warmer lighting area. You can decorate your showcase with pendant lights; it will create an aesthetic look with great lighting. Decorate your store with a different type of lighting like fairy lights, task, ambient lighting. It will boost your customer's mood, and they will feel fresh while buying from you.


4. Update Retail Display Regularly

The effects of good presentations are not long-lasting, people get bored after some time and wants to try something new, so it's very important to update your showcase at least once in a month. Keep the same display can make customers think that you have all old boring items. A good display should have fresh and new updating products, which should be changed before it becomes too familiar.


5. Get Inspired

Stay tuned about new trends and fashion. Visit other stores and get ideas about what other people are doing to catch customers. People find trendy products, so making your product and display to follow trends can seek customer's attention. Display your items by following different trends.


store showcase


6. Select attractive color combinations

Color combinations play a significant role in the selling of any item you should make a great combination of your products. It should be eye-catching and decent. Take account of the age factor and display your items accordingly. If you have products for kids, make some bright color combinations with the fun of characters. If you have products for adults, you should select the trendy and in-fashion color combination.


7. Create a balance

It is important to make a balance between elements to get a pleasant aesthetic. While making showcase pay attention to the balance of dark, light combination, and sizes of the element. Arrange the component in such a way that they look less heavy and more eye-catchy. Try to create a touchy environment and balance showcase the feeling of calm, happiness. Unbalance composition can create anxiety or discomfort.

Through these tips, you can make a creative retail display of your shop. Cerdá Group are sure you will see improvements and customers can't ignore your shop without visiting and buying from you. Trust in us!

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