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Matching family outfits are much more than a trend; they’re a bond

19 October 2021 / per Cerdá Group

It is not the first time that, together with Cerdá, we have talked about this new trend in our blog. Cerdá's research, in fact, found this opportunity for your store, but continued to observe the phenomenon to find out if it was only momentarily or if it’s worth investing time and energy on.

Cerdá's market analysis revealed that behind the fashion of dressing the family with matching clothes there is actually a much deeper meaning: when the family dresses with clothes from the same collection, they want to communicate the bond that unites them, not only outside but also within the family itself.

We know that clothes and fashion are more than just putting something on. The clothes we choose communicate who we are on the outside but also to ourselves! What do we choose to wear to affirm our identity?

This is why the emerging trend of coordinated clothes for the whole family hides a much deeper meaning, which goes beyond the current fashion. It is families who come together, who share a passion, bonds that remain strong even at a distance. Matching clothes are not the fashion of the moment, but a new niche that is establishing itself and that remains constant without fading over time.

This is why Cerdá has chosen to invest its resources in a new family collection with matching clothing and accessories for the whole family and has decided to involve its customers.


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The Family collection

The Cerdá family collection also has an added value compared to any other coordinated collection. Cerdá's clothes are not just a way to dress with matching outfits, but to share a passion.

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The coordinated Cerdá collections are in fact each dedicated to a specific character: Minnie, Mickey and the other characters for children are depicted on clothing and accessories so that not only children, but the whole family can share and show their passion. In a super fun way!


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Why is the family collection important for your shop?

Once you have identified a growing trend in the market, whose characteristics - as we have seen - show the tendency to be constant and lasting over time ... why not exploit it in your shop?

Exploiting new trends as quickly as possible is always a winning move for your business: you manage to have an edge over the competition (matching clothes will be available to you before others and this inevitably increases your sales, as well as increasing the turnout and customer loyalty over time).


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Another positive aspect to consider is that of the communication your shop does of itself when it makes cutting-edge products available to customers: you propose yourself to the public as an attentive seller, who - in addition to making the products available - carries out research activities, makes itself available and also shares the same passions as his audience. You will become the point of reference for your customers, just like Cerdá is for you!

Cerdá wanted to focus on the trend of matching clothes for the family with a dedicated catalog: the Family Style collection.



Matching family outfits in the Family Style catalog

The family style catalog is a plus for your store when customers are looking to purchase coordinated products. Instead of simply choosing similar products or products of the same character but in different sizes, with the family style collection, each member of the family is given a particular item of clothing customized according to age and gender.


In this way all the clothes will be dedicated to the same character, they will have all the same design, or coordinated but in different colors, but your customers will also have access to models created tailored for them.

Creating coordinated looks for the whole family is easier with clothes from the Family Style collection. Let's find out together in more detail.


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Matching clothes: the items

Let's first talk about what kind of products can be found in the family style catalog dedicated to the whole family. It is mainly a clothing catalog but there is no lack of accessories (coordinated with each other and also coordinated with clothing) and nightwear.


These products are important to increase the sales of your shop also because they are very original gift ideas, which have just started to be fashionable, but - precisely because it is a recent trend - they are still able to amaze. This is why the catalog also adds accessories and night fashion to daytime fashion.


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Matching clothes: the characters

In choosing the characters that could be part of the Family Style collection, Cerdá thought about which characters and stories can be considered intergenerational: these are the ones that excite the whole family, and are therefore the most suitable to be part of a collection dedicated to the whole family.

The choice then fell, first of all, on the great Disney classics such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. They are historical characters with whom today's children grow up but with whom the children of yesterday who are parents today also grew up.

Harry Potter is another character that could not be missing: even if he is a more recent phenomenon he does not stop making children passionate. And adults can't wait to involve and pass on their passion for the magical world to their children!

Star Wars is another world that unites the whole family: a phenomenon born 40 years ago is still fresh as if it had just left the mind of its creators thanks to new content released in cinemas and on streaming platforms.



Matching clothes: versatility

The matching clothes for the whole family find their way into many different realities. Consider opportunities to open up to this segment of the public and take advantage of coordinated clothes to do so, as well as all the other Cerdá products!

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