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Summer shoes for kids. Discover the 2020 trends!

15 December 2019 / per Cerdá Group


Cerdá, your trusted children's flip flops manufacturer

Flip flops

The beach footwear collection in Cerdá has endless open options for children to have a great time enjoying summer days. You can find from the classic open pool flip flops to models that include rear closure for added security and comfort. In addition, there is a large selection of characters for you to choose your target's favorites!

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Clogs and booties

Do your customers prefer closed footwear to enjoy the beach or the river? Our clogs and booties for children are specially designed for those parents who want to protect their child to the fullest. The booties, made of polyester, are perfect to adapt to the child's foot and avoid rubbing with rocks or other materials.

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Flip flops with light

Innovation has reached the aquatic footwear through the luminous shoes. Can you imagine flip flops that flash at every step making children feel unique? In Cerdá we manufacture and design this spectacular model taking into account the anatomy and tastes of children. Discover the endless possibilities with fashion characters!

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What characters will be children's favorites in summer?

Classics: Mickey and Minnie

Mickey is the great bet of Disney since 1928. Since that time the fun adventures of the funny mouse and his companions has not stopped making young and old laugh. Mickey flip flops for children are always synonymous with sales. A cartoon capable of joining generations.

Minnie was first lady of the famous factory of dreams, perhaps that is why she has managed to become an icon for women of all generations around the world. He has even managed to get his own star on the walk of fame. Do you want to discover Minnie's summer footwear on our website?


Fun, music, adventure and Nordic inspiration are the ingredients of Frozen, this famous movie. The return of Elsa, Ana and Olaf in 2019 has meant the resurgence of this license that has always been among those preferred by the smallest of the house. Get now Frozen beach shoes and lower the temperature next summer!

Star Wars

It has been 40 years since the first film of this famous saga was released. A series of films that far from being forgotten are more alive than ever thanks to the premiere of episode VIII of the saga, Star Wars: Episode IX: The rise of Skywalker. This premiere has made the products of the saga one of the most demanded by the smallest for next summer. You still don't have Star Wars shoes in your store?

The Avengers

The Avengers are the most powerful set of superheroes in the world. A team willing to fight crime and protect the planet from the greatest villains thus becoming the favorites of children between 6 and 12 years. The Avengers flip flops will undoubtedly be their favorites.


The real image adaptation of one of the most acclaimed Disney classics will arrive on the big screen in March 2020. The mythical warrior princess will once again be one of those preferred by children and surely her products will be a good claim in summer. We are sure!


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These are just some of the ideas we propose for you to renew your store's stock for next summer. If you want to find out more, Cerdá is an official distributor of children's footwear and has an extensive catalog of models and license characters. Check our website! 


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summer Products and Novelties


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