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6 key factors to improve your online shop management

21 July 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The digital world is booming and promises to be the future of commerce. This is why effective online shop management is essential to help engage customers, build customer loyalty and offer them a completely satisfactory shopping experience.

In Europe, in 2020 alone, 83% of consumers made their purchases online and, according to statistics, this percentage is increasing year after year. Proof of this is the turnover of e-commerce in our country, which during the second quarter of the year 2021, increased by 13.7%, reaching the satisfactory and impressive figure of 13,661 million euros.

Investing in your online sales strategy is to guarantee the success of your business and at Cerdá Services we help you and facilitate the journey.

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Below, we explain 6 key factors that will allow you to improve the management of your online shop, increase your sales, increase your profits, attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

Go for it and succeed!

1.Business plan

2.Choose a good hosting and create a good e-commerce site

3.Find a quality supplier

4.Get the best ERP for product management

5.Excellent customer service

6.Train your employees

1.Managing your online shop: Business plan

The first step you need to take to run your online shop flawlessly is to make a business plan.

Keep in mind that this business plan has to be realistic, sincere and with achievable goals. It should also be flexible in case, along the way, you need to modify, remove or implement new strategies to help you improve your business.

Knowing what your business is like today, what your strengths and weaknesses are, where you want to go and where you want to get to, is essential for success.

In addition, you have to study your market, your competition and what your customers want.

Knowing your audience will help you to focus your efforts, to be able to segment them and give them what they are really looking for in order to gain their loyalty, but it will also allow you to prepare your stock according to their tastes, demands and needs.

2.Managing your online shop: choose a good hosting and create a good e-commerce site

In order to choose a good hosting you should take into account the following elements:

  • Customer service must be of the highest quality. You must be able to count on uninterrupted technical support, either by telephone or email.
  • The security they offer you is an indisputable and very important element. They have to offer you firewalls, backups, data protection...

In addition, you have to create a good e-commerce, which allows you to manage online orders, and which provides you with great usability.

The customer is your target and everything you do has to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, so your e-commerce must be easy to use, fast and offer all the answers to users' doubts.

It is essential that your online shop has an easy and structured navigation and that it is very intuitive so that the consumer can navigate through it without getting lost.

Remember to add quality images, short, clear and direct texts and an immediate contact with customer service.


3.Managing your online shop: find a quality supplier

All online sales strategies have to have a reliable, trustworthy supplier that offers quality products.

At Cerdá we offer you all this and more, as we also guarantee you the latest fashion products, with original licenses of the most loved characters by the public and an immediate and decisive customer service.

Because your success, without a doubt, is our success.

In addition, working with us will give you access to a catalogue full of new products that we update periodically, allowing you to add to your stock the products that sell best and those that are having a better reception by the public.

Trust between the business and the supplier must be absolute. So we guarantee you a top quality service. In Cerdá we aim to offer our customers the best products with the best service, our 50 years of experience behind us.  

4.Managing your online shop: get the best ERP for product management

A good ERP will facilitate the management of your online shop, because with it you will be able to have an exhaustive and unified control of logistics, warehouse, accounting and invoicing.

With your ERP you should be able to plan all the internal steps of your business, whether large or small, to always have your stock under control and give your customers an unbeatable service.

Of course, it should also allow you to keep your company's accounts and thus be able to create new sales strategies that increase your profits.


5.Managing your online shop: excellent customer service

The customer's shopping experience should be an objective for your business. The better it is, the easier it will be to attract new customers and, of course, build customer loyalty.

Customer service starts from the moment the customer contacts the company and ends when the customer is satisfied with the customer. You should never, ever terminate it at the moment payment is received.

Good customer service can make the difference between a successful future or the closure of your business. Because good customer service will also help you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and thus continuously improve.

6.Managing your online shop: training your employees

Employees who are happy with the company are a very positive point that the customer perceives from the very first moment. And a good way to incentivise them is to offer them quality training that allows them to broaden their knowledge, learn more about their management areas and find out what innovations they can implement.

Marketing is fundamental to your business and your employees must become experts in order to increase sales and manage the online shopping cart.

Creating marketing strategies is vital for the good management of your online shop, as well as establishing a good relationship with customers through social media or email.


At Cerdá Services we help you to achieve your goals

Managing your online shop is by no means a simple task. There are many aspects to take into account, many issues to master, and a lot of time to dedicate.

That is why at Cerdá Services we are at your service. Our specialists will create a tailor-made project for your business to succeed and consolidate every step you take. If you want to know if you can benefit from this service, contact us and we will evaluate your case. 

In direct communication with your business, we will find the best solutions, create the best strategies and implement the best actions. And, of course, you can count on the original licensing products that we offer in our catalogue because, as you know, being able to offer your customers products with brands that customers already know and love is a great opportunity.

Sign up with Cerdá Services and let your team of experts get to work to guarantee the flawless management of your online shop.

Trust in your business. Trust in Cerdá Services.

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Tips and Advice Online sales


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