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Backpacks and bags for adults. They can't be missing from your store!

13 May 2022 / per Cerdá Group

In every wardrobe there are essentials that cannot be missing and undoubtedly one of the essentials are the most original and creative backpacks and bags that, as wholesalers of bags and backpacks, we offer you in Cerdá.

In our new catalogue you can find a wide variety of different models for all ages! Because adults, teenagers and children, need their bag, backpack or waist bag for their day to day. Download it and offer your customers what they are looking for!

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Become their favourite business!

Original licenced apparel, the best characters of the moment!

Cerdá, as a wholesaler of bags and backpacks with many years of experience, works with the popular characters, but we enjoy taking care of the finishes and the quality of the materials. We have a wide variety of models that, added to the fashion licences, help us catapult our customers to total success.

But not only are we talking about bags, but we offer the possibility to fill the shelves with all the varieties available to please the whole family. Bags, backpacks, waist bags, wheelie bags... and not only for adults, but you can also find backpacks for teenagers and children on our website.

And each and every one of them has their favourite characters! Since in Cerdá we have the original licences of the most fashionable characters; Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, LOL, Fortnite, Harry Potter, Batman, ACDC...

Get down to work and select the backpacks with characters, bags and everything we offer to make your business triumph!


Backpacks for school, university or work

The school age includes different stages and, with them, children's needs change. First, at an early age, pre-school bags are very useful and, as they grow, the size of their character backpacks does too.

And they need to be able to carry more books, works, folders or file organisers and, in addition, their aesthetics must be adapted, also, to their new age.

However, we do not only have backpacks for the school stage, but we accompany users throughout the different stages. We have, therefore, perfect backpacks to put your computer and notes and go to university or to take lunch and a computer to work.


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That's why we have different sizes, materials and aesthetics. From backpacks made of 100% polyester with adjustable handles and adaptable to the back for better ergonomics, to leatherette wallets.

And all of them with the best characters of the moment, such as Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter...

Character backpacks are a must-have for any child or teenager, so make sure there's no shortage of them in your store!

Casual Backpacks

Another of the great fundamental elements in any wardrobe are the casual backpacks. The great protagonists of our Lifestyle catalogue that delight adults and teenagers.

They are practical, comfortable and fashionable. Including details of the fashionable characters adapted to the age of the consumers. In addition, you can offer from the most original models, such as the Mickey, Grogu, The Child or transparent teddy, to techniques, eco-leather or urban. From Friends, Deadpool, Disney Pride, Captain America, Batman, Harry Potter...


Shopping Bags

Few things are more practical for men and women than a shopping bag. And it is that a good bag must be able to give utility at any time and, in addition, fit perfectly with the outfit chosen for each day. Not to mention that being reusable allows us to save on plastic and take care of the environment.

The shopping bags of Cerdá are a world apart. They are fun, original, creative and unique! And you can leverage them in your business to encourage cross-selling and increase your profits and customer buying satisfaction.

The models are diverse, as well as their materials. You can choose from practical and easy to store cotton bags with the best details of the favourite characters, even the most modern and innovative leatherette or transparent bags.

Don't run out of them and benefit from how practical they are!

Bags and Waist Bags

Who has a good bag has a great treasure and, why lie to ourselves, anyone wants to have not one or two or three, but many more bags and waist bags which they can swap and use in their day to day according to the needs that arise.

So, again, bags or waist bags are the ideal complement and the perfect excuse to increase sales. And more with the originality and creativity that we offer in the products of Cerdá.

Your customers will be able to choose Harry Potter, Mickey, Minnie, Snoopy... As well as practical and original waist bags of different sizes and formats of the same characters, as well as Marvel, Avengers...

A whole world to discover and squeeze to increase sales!


Sports Bags

Luckily, taking care of yourself is in fashion. And the cult of the body and passion for sport, too. For this reason, the public looks for sports bags that are comfortable but, in turn, integrate perfectly with the personality traits of each person. And what better way to do it than by including each person's favourite characters ? Bingo! There's the advantage for your business. With sports bags you can increase your range of influence, reach more audiences, increase your sales and, consequently, your profits.

You can't forget to include them in your stock!

Remember that all of them are made with the highest quality and incorporate the original favourite licences of the moment. So take advantage and grow your business.

Backpacks and bags, as we have explained to you, are essential for the daily life of anyone and, therefore, must be part of your business. So expand your stock, select from the different models that we offer at Cerdá and succeed!

There is no excuse. All family members will come to your business to find the best accessories with their favourite characters.

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Products and Novelties back to school Buy wholesale


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