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Pet toys: fun with their favourite characters

13 May 2022 / per Cerdá Group

According to statistical data obtained by ANFAAC, National Association of pet food manufacturers, in Spain there are already more than 29 million pets that bring joy and comfort to their families. And these figures are increasing year by year, as shown by STATISTA in its report.

So it is becoming increasingly clear that the niche of pet products, accessories and toys is a great opportunity for businesses to expand, increase and grow their profits.

In Cerdá's catalogue For Fan Pets you can find a wide variety of pet products with the original licenses of family favourites. So you can please all of your customers equally and encourage cross-selling to increase your sales.

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Favorite characters to the power!

Animals have their favourite toys. There is no doubt about that. The texture, colour, shape and even the materials they are made of, determine the choice of one over the other.

But, inevitably, it is the 'owners' of these pets who choose, test and experiment until they find the ones that drive their furry friends crazy. They also use these purchases to apply their own tastes and preferences. Of course, the most popular characters are always a weakness.

Therefore, at Cerdá, as distributors of accessories for wholesale pets, we have created the best accessories, products and plush toys for dogs and cats, featuring the favourite characters of each household and leaving no one out.


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Mickey, Minnie, Star Wars, Avengers, Capitán América, Hulk, Batman, The Child, Stitch, Spiderman, ACDC… you can find everything they want in your shop! Take advantage of the moment, download Cerdá's catalogue For Fan Pets and enjoy watching your sales increase!


Dog chewing toys

Dogs generally spend quite a few hours alone at home. Their family's routine and work obligations take them away for some time, and although they often use the time to sleep and rest, they may also find themselves bored at certain times.

To prevent this from happening, dog chews are the ideal solution!

Hours of chewing and playing with them. As well as providing entertainment, they relieve stress, strengthen their teeth, jaw, back and neck muscles, maintain good oral health and help reduce their desire to chew on other household furnishings.

Take advantage of all these benefits to increase your customers' purchasing experience!

You can also offer them Batman, Hulk, The Mandalorian, Minnie, Mickey... Select a wide range of models to reach more people!

Dental ropes for dogs

Another of the great novelties for pets that we offer at Cerdá, are dental toys.

As we mentioned earlier, dogs select their favourite toys by texture, and dog dental toys are an irresistible classic for them.

It also helps to keep mouths healthy, distracts and entertains, relieves and reduces anxiety, encourages exercise and, of course, allows the owner and their pet to spend long periods of time playing together.


You can find different shapes, models and designs in our catalogue. From those made of rope to those made of 100% polyester.

Get your hands on the funniest and most original items and grab your customers' attention!

As cuddly as their cuddly toys…

Pets, both dogs and cats, are adorable and can alleviate stress for their caregivers. Cuddling, playing with them and even talking to them has been shown to reduce human anxiety and increase self-esteem. And they are the perfect way for children to learn responsibility, to feel protected and loved unconditionally and to know the meaning of true friendship.

That is why we go out of our way to help them. This is why they have become a fundamental part of the family. That is why we love them a little more every day.

Pets also have a strong protective instinct. And they're always looking for a cuddly dog toy that normally stays with them for life.

Which is why the quality of the toys must be good. At Cerdá we offer you variety, originality and high quality.

Can you picture a poodle, a schnauzer or a mastiff, for example, with a Star Wars, Spiderman, Minnie or Stitch cuddly toy?

As their owners are anxiously waiting to take them away! Include them in your stock and win over loyal customers.


Quality time for the whole family

As distributors of accessories for pets wholesale, at Cerdá we recommend that you include frisbees in your stock, without hesitation.

They are the most fun toys for all members of the family, including pets, to spend quality time together, have fun and create unforgettable moments to remember.

Children will run and laugh, grown-ups will enjoy throwing the frisbee over and over again to their pet and dogs will get to enjoy every moment with their family.

In the For Fan Pets catalogue you will find a wide variety of models. Get them on your business shelves!

But that's not all because, in addition to all the toys for dogs that we have explained in this post, you will also be able to find many other cat products. Sticks, harnesses, collars... and all of them, of course, with the original licenses of the favourite characters of each house. Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minnie, Mickey, The Mandalorian, Avengers…

There is no better way to attract customers, build customer loyalty and encourage cross-selling.

Join the new world of pets, prepare your pet stock well and make your business succeed!

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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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