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Children’s Swimwear: Ready to Succeed in Sales This Summer?

24 May 2022 / per Cerdá Group

So now is the perfect time for you to start preparing your business, to fill your stock with swimwear so that all family members can come to your place and find everything they need.

In Cerdá, as clothing wholesalers, we make it easy for you! In our Summer 2022 catalogue you can select all the children's swimwear you want. Guaranteeing the quality of all models, as well as originality, creativity and original licences for different characters.

Read on and discover the secret of success!


Original Licensed Swimwear

The original licences undoubtedly bring a range of benefits from which any business that has products that incorporate them can benefit. And what are those benefits that will help your business cut expenses and increase sales? Here are the main ones:

  1. First of all, you should know that original licences are brands that already enjoy recognition among users. Both the brand itself and the different characters they work with. Therefore, buyers know what they are buying because they are looking for it. So keeping some models of children's swimsuits in your shop window will grab people's attention and get them into the store. At Cerdá we work with different original licences such as Disney and Marvel, with great recognition and greater public acceptance.

  2. Another great benefit of working with original licensed products is that you won't have to invest in marketing and advertising campaigns. Since, as we explained in the previous point, consumers already know the brand and its characters, they love them and already have that emotional bond that motivates them to buy.

  3. Finally, quality is one of the main benefits. And this is associated with the original licence and the commitment that Cerdá has to offer our customers the best products on the market. They increase the satisfaction of the end customers and, in this way, our own customers see their efforts rewarded in the form of benefits.


In our catalogue we have included a wide variety of essential characters for the public. They claim them in each of the products they buy and it makes everything more fun and beautiful.

Of course, you cannot miss the favourite characters for young and old and some of them are the characters of Frozen, Minnie, Mickey, Avengers, Captain America, Stitch, Spiderman, Grogu The Child...

It's important to know that fans are also looking for any product that references their favourite character. So they are able to search and search until they find everything they want. Undoubtedly, this makes including the officially licensed swimwear that we offer in Cerdá almost essential. Because wherever you are, they'll find you!


Summer 2022 Catalogue

Each season of the year requires time, effort, innovation and originality. And at Cerdá we take our work very seriously and put all our energy into ensuring that our customers' businesses have the fashion products and that they differentiate themselves in a very competitive market.

Certainly, summer calls for swimwear, and so we have created a specific catalogue with all the models, designs, sizes and qualities you can imagine. Because variety is the spice of life and you must be able to select the products that best suit the needs of your audience.

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Children's swimsuits - must-haves!

Children's swimwear is a must-have for the summer season. And that's why we offer you a wide variety of exclusive models and designs.

  • For children you can choose between slips, boxers or shorts. With fun designs of the most fascinating characters of the moment. Mickey is one of the most essential protagonists, without a doubt, and there is no age in which the fun mouse cannot be present in our lives. The variety is so much that it is fun to choose from all the different models.
    Of course, there's no shortage of The Mandalorian, Marvel or Stitch boxers, as well as Spiderman slips or Captain America swimwear .
  • For girls the variety is a little wider due to the different types of swimsuits they have to choose from. From bathing culettes, swimsuits or bikinis, to loose pieces with fun one-strip, whole or two-piece designs.

How fun it is to play in the sand while your favourite character accompanies you!

Of course, all of them with characters as beloved and adored as Frozen, Minnie, LOL, Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, Stitch...


Other summer essentials

But, although children's bikinis and swimsuits are completely necessary, there are also other accessories that should be part of your stock. And it is that the best way to increase the buying satisfaction of your customers and increase your profits is to encourage cross-selling by offering them all the products that they like and that will be useful to them.

So, download our Summer 2022 Catalogue and get the best swimwear of the summer!


Towels are a must-have in swimwear. And it is that after a good dip, the children of each home need to dry properly so as not to run the risk of getting cold.

In addition, they are essential to not burn when sitting on the beach and to be able to spend endless hours playing on them!

In our catalogue you can choose the children's swimwear preferred by your customers and with the most beloved and fashionable characters of the moment. Harry Potter, Baby Shark, Dog Patrol, Peppa Pig, LOL, Lady Bug...


Protection - must-have! The sun harms. Take care of yourself and your customers!

Another of the most essential elements of swimwear are the protective elements. Meaning, sunglasses and hats. They can't be missing from your business. And, besides, they are ideal for cross-selling and increasing profits.

In Cerdá we offer you the best sunglasses, tested in optical laboratories and that comply with the ISO 12312-1-2013 standard and that also protect 100% from ultraviolet rays and the harmful effects of sunlight. Because safety is fundamental and that's why we offer you quality. In addition to fashion, innovation and the most beloved characters!


Footwear that is good and nice!

Footwear, as we have said repeatedly in different posts, is essential for good foot care. Both for children and adults. And, in summer, it is essential to take special care with the models we choose.

Therefore, from Cerdá we recommend that you select between the different varieties that we make available to you so that your customers can find in your premises from casual, open and closed shoes or sports shoes to flip-flops to go to the beach or the pool. With closure, with laces, with velcro, with straps or finger. In white, red, blue, black, lilac, pink... All the colours of the rainbow thanks to the wide range of characters that we include in all our models!

It is essential that the feet perspire properly with heat to prevent the appearance of fungi, and that is why our models are designed to ensure maximum comfort and breathability. In addition to incorporating everyone's favourite characters, such as Frozen, Stitch, The Mandalorian, Spiderman, Batman, Avengers…

So, now you know! Prepare your business to succeed this summer with the best swimwear that we put at your disposal in our Summer 2022 Catalogue. Give your customers everything they are looking for and increase your sales and profits. Success depends on you, so fill your shelves with swimsuits and other summer essentials for your business. Oh! Children, teenagers, adults and pets! Surprise your customers with the most striking innovations on the market.

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summer Products and Novelties


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