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Cerdá's nursery backpacks, discover them!

31 August 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Get ready for back to school and discover the nursery backpacks that Cerdá has designed for this academic year 2022. Every year at Cerdá we create a new Back To School collection to surprise your customers with 100% licensed products of their favourite characters. 



Back to school, back to everything

If anything characterises this back to school 2022, it is that it is marked by the desire we all have for the new normality to stop being new and for September to return to the excitement of playing again, hugging again, sharing again?

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Discover the new collection

Cerdá's Back To School collection reflects this desire to go back to school, with school products for all ages. And today we would like to introduce you to the designs created with the little ones in mind. From backpacks designed for the little ones, to technical and sports backpacks for youngsters and adults, adapting the designs and characters to each stage.


The classics Minnie and Mickey, Paw Patrol, Spiderman and Harry Potter accompany children up to the age of 3. We have designed plush backpacks, with soft materials, soft to the touch and with 3D applications that make the backpack their favourite toy. We also complete the designs with pockets, adjustable and padded handles as well as safety harnesses in various models. And of course our backpacks with lights from the premium collection - discover all our backpacks and surprise your young audience!

More than backpacks, cuddly toys

At Cerdá we know that starting school can be difficult. The youngest members of the family go to nursery school for the first time and can feel lonely, far from the family, in a different environment to their own... That's why we believe that having the support of their favourite characters can make this time easier. Making this little moment a great memory.

The Mickey and Minnie cuddly backpacks made of soft materials and bright colours are both a backpack and a cuddly toy. Soft to the touch, the nursery backpacks are the perfect size for little ones to pick up and carry without difficulty. It also has adjustable handles, a simple zip for easy opening and a handle for hanging.


Cuddly and funny

This is what our backpacks look like. Our designers have developed a backpack that is reminiscent of funkos: those big-headed dolls that you've probably seen and that win the hearts of young and old alike. Their main feature? The head is much bigger than the body. And yes, this 30cm high round backpack has a super head. What's more, the head is the backpack!
And that's not all. Check out all the features:

  • Adjustable and padded straps to adapt the backpack to the desired height.
  • Embroidered character details. There are three to choose from: Minnie, Mickey and Spiderman.
  • Handle for hanging on hanger.
  • Double zip for easy closing.
  • Velvety smooth texture.
  • 3D character body

Mochilas Guarderia

Security accessories

Do you know the harness backpack? It is a backpack designed with a rotating system that keeps the little ones safe on family outings or in crowds.
It also has fun applications for the little ones to play and interact with. The opening, different from the rest, provides greater amplitude and its internal compartment allows you to organise the objects inside.

It also has a chest fastening and adjustable, padded straps for added comfort. The safety strap can be installed at the bottom or at the top of the carrier. The attachment is rotatable allowing for greater mobility of the child without disturbing the hair.

Space for creativity

With these bags for the nursery at Cerdá we want the little ones to enjoy the first years in which they discover the world around them. That's why we have designed unique bags with an adjustable closure that also have a very practical front pocket and a space to personalise the bag.

This type of backpack is in great demand by parents as it is the type of backpack recommended by nurseries. Its simple closure makes the bags the best choice.

The back has a handle and the design covers the entire surface. There are several models to choose from. The classics Mickey, Minnie and Peppa Pig. And also Canine Patrol and Spiderman, the favourite superhero.

Always ready, whatever the weather!

This first step backpack is completely waterproof! With an ergonomic back and adjustable, padded handles, it is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester. With reinforced seams and an inside pocket for a water bottle, it also has a chest harness for extra support.

Find out more about this backpack from our designer Joan.

We have developed this backpack in various models so that your shop becomes a reference point for 100% licensed products. Choose between Mickey, Spiderman, Minions, who remember that they have released a movie this summer, Bambi, a classic, Minnie and Chase, from the Canine Patrol.

Mini backpacks

These 27cm nursery backpacks are a replica of the more adult Back To School model but in a mini version. And when you have it in front of you, the feeling is like when you see an adult shoe in baby size. What are you waiting for to get them at your point of sale?


In case you need more reasons, here are its main features:

  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Adjustable and padded handles
  • Minimal design in pastel colours
  • Concealed zip with ribbon grip for ease of opening
  • Large pocket and front pockets
  • Five designs to surprise your clients
  • Character details on handle

Implement the Back To School collection in your shop

And now that you know all the models of nursery backpacks, maybe you are imagining how they will look in your shop and how to place them so that they attract the attention of your customers. At Cerdá we have prepared an implementation so that you can replicate it at your point of sale.


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Discover the entire Back To School collection because September is more than bags, school bags, with and without trolleys. September also means going back to the gym, back to work, new projects... and at Cerdá we want to help you prepare for a unique back to school.

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Products and Novelties back to school




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