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Paw Patrol shoes, the best allies for children's adventures

29 August 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Paw Patrol is one of the most watched cartoon series by the little ones at home since it was born in 2013.

The funny adventures that the main characters of the series live, episode after episode, make children feel attracted to it and, moreover, as they are dogs, the favourite animals for almost everyone, the combination of sweetness, fun and friendship captivates from the first moment.

Having Paw Patrol shoes in the stock of your business is essential, and there is no doubt that you will be able to obtain the maximum benefits and the absolute satisfaction of your customers.

At Cerdá, as wholesalers of clothing and accessories, we have prepared a large stock with the best products from the series so that you can achieve success in your sales. Go ahead, read on and don't forget the essentials!

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What is Paw Patrol?

The Paw Patrol is a fun children's series starring a 10-year-old boy and eight adorable and brave dogs.

In each of the episodes, together they undertake dangerous and exciting missions to help, protect and rescue the people who need them in Adventure Bay. 

These cartoons captivate children from the very first episode, because in addition to the fun of their exploits, the characters are so carefully created and transmit so many values that they have become a role model for children in every home.

Who are the Paw Patrol characters?

There are 7 main characters in Paw Patrol, and we'll tell you who they are below so that you can get to know them and get the most out of them in your sales. Let's get to it!


Ryder is a 10-year-old boy who is very passionate about technology. He is the main character of these cartoons, and he is a very creative and skilful boy who feels an imperious need to change the world.

For this reason, and because of his good heart, he rescues 6 puppy dogs, with which he creates a police patrol to take care of his city.

He has a lot of patience and is always willing to help his group of friends, his family, to resolve their conflicts and remain united.


Chase is the most responsible member of the team and remains loyal to Ryder. He is a German Shepherd police officer and spy.

He is allergic to bird feathers and hates cats, and is very committed to carrying out his tasks and helping his team. With him children learn that friendship is very important in life.

At Cerdá you will be able to select the best wholesale Paw Patrol trainers so that your customers can choose from the different models that we offer you.


This character is one of the favourites of the little ones, so you can't miss in your stock different varieties of models, sizes, colours and formats with his image.

For example, flip-flops for the swimming pool, clogs, sandals, canvas slippers, trainers, slippers for the house and even wellies!

Because your customers will want their children to be able to wear their favourite character at any time of the year.

Select different models and succeed!


Marshall is a Dalmatian fireman and the group's doctor.

His essential mission is to save lives, and although he is a bit absent-minded, he always manages to succeed thanks to his good sense of humour.

With Marshall, the children learn that attitude is important, and that it is not necessary to be perfect to achieve the things you set out to do.

At Cerdá we also offer you different types of Paw Patrol shoes with the image of Marshall, such as the model of sandals for the beach, in blue and with the image of Marshall, which hold the little ones' feet well and have a Velcro fastening.


Rocky is the eco-friendly member of the Paw Patrol. He is a mongrel dog who enjoys giving a second life to any object he comes across.

With him, children learn that caring for the environment is essential and that all professions are equally important in society.


Zuma is the puppy of the team in charge of water rescues. He is a brown Labrador willing to help everyone.

He doesn't pronounce his R well, which teaches the children that there is no need to be ashamed of being different, as the other members of the team love him just like everyone else.



Skye is the only girl in the group. She is a smart, articulate cocker spaniel with a great memory. And she always ends up getting her teammates out of trouble.

She has a passion for flying helicopters and, although she looks sweet and cuddly, she is the bravest of the group.

Skye teaches children to respect and appreciate gender equality and not to discriminate on the basis of gender.

She is also one of the characters most loved by the main characters and by the viewers, which is why in Cerdá you can find an infinite number of products with her image, such as the wellies. Fun, comfortable and ready to offer the little ones at home hours and hours of endless fun.


Rubble is another of the main characters in the series. He is an English bulldog with a passion for construction who always has a digger with him and is ready to rescue his friends from any trouble.

He loves to eat and is an unconditional fan of skateboarding and snowboarding. He is completely adorable and endearing and is terrified of spiders. With him, children learn to accept and love themselves as they are.


Liberty is one of the latest additions to La Patrulla Canina. She is a very smart and very active little dog who goes around the streets of Adventure City reprimanding the attitude of those who throw things on the ground. In this way, she educates the little ones, who are the fans of this saga, about caring for the environment. 


And finally, Everest is a 7-year-old husky puppy who made her debut in the 2nd season of this series. She loves mountain rescues and her duty is to protect Jake's mountain, preventing damage to the ecosystem and people's safety.


All the members of the team play a fundamental role in transmitting values and teachings to the little ones in each house, and they also ensure that they enjoy their exciting adventures.

That's why they are eager to show off all the products with the image of their characters, whether they are socks, pyjamas, various accessories or the best and most comfortable Paw Patrol footwear that we offer you at Cerdá.

Enter our customer area, select all the models that best suit the tastes of your customers and become their reference business!

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