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Geek clothes: trends for a growing audience

14 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Until just some years ago, the word “geek” was used to mock young people, especially teens, and call them losers. But it was a particular type of loser: the one who was passionate about computers (that at the time were big, bulky, noisy, incomprehensible, stuff!), comics, video games with 2D graphics, and Star Wars.

Today, geeks - and even Nerds who are a different kind of losers who are just a bit fewer techs expert - are being revalued: the geek fashion and its growing popularity are the perfect examples. But who are geeks today? What is geek clothing? And what is geek culture today? Let’s find everything out about them, before passing on to discover Cerdá geek clothes for the next season!


Who are geeks?

Geeks today are no longer seen, and they no longer see themselves, as losers. As they say, geek is the new cool!


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But where does this change originate from?

As we’ve mentioned, until a couple of decades ago, computers were big machines with which common people could not do that much. The only ones who spend hours in front of those black screens with greys writings were the true passionates: geeks who were just getting more and more passionate as they entered an unknown world and guessed that it had a huge potential.

What happened next?

Computers became very important in our lives: those who twenty years ago were loser kids, today are rich adults. The boy who was bullied at school because he was proud of the new algorithm he had created, today is richer than all those who used to mock him together. Who can still call geeks losers?

Of course, not all geeks today are rich: but thanks to that change in our society, techs passionate and experts are not seen as losers. Techs experts today have many opportunities in their lives and their careers, much more than techs-ignorants. These are the changes that led to the uprising of geeks, nerds, and losers in general. And today, geeks identify themselves even with other passions, different from technology.

Geeks are passionate about comics, video games, tv series, and they don’t feel the need to hide those passions. All these media, with time, have become more complex so that the video game addict is not a loser but someone with a complicated and complex passion.

The advent of the internet also contributed to the uprising of geeks: while once boys and girls with those typical geek passions were isolated, and an easier target of bullies, today they can meet online, they know they are not alone, and so they had the courage of being proud of who they are and the passions they have.


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The last factor that contributed to the uprising of geeks that we’d like to mention is… time. Time passed by, and kids who were losers with Star Wars are today adults with Star Wars t-shirts. Geek kids today have a reference in adult ones, that yesterday kids didn’t have. Adults today are helping children by being themselves and don’t be scared.

Today, geek culture isn’t mocked anymore. On the contrary! Geek culture is attractive and has its market and it’s always growing. You - with Cerdá - can exploit it to increase your sales. Find out the geek products to exploit the growing phenomenon!


Cerdá and the geek culture

Cerdá has long realized that the attention toward geek culture is growing. Cerdá and its collaboration - for example, with Disney, Harry Potter, and Marvel - is the perfect company to create products inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes.

Since several years, seeing the growing interest in this phenomenon, Cerdá decided to create geek products for your store.

Other than geek stores, the strength of geek products sits in their versatility. Geek products can be located in so many businesses: retail stores, and online ones, comic stores, book shops, stores for children and adults.

So, what is the offer from Cerdá in terms of geek clothing and products? Let’s find it out.



Cerdá and the geek products

Geek clothing fashion is made of pieces of clothing that portray iconic characters like those from Star Wars or the Marvel Multi Universe. The world of superheroes and the one of the galaxy far far away, were, up until twenty years ago, just a niche, but thanks to the new film they’ve become known in the all world, among an audience made of people of all ages. Who doesn’t know who Iron Man or Dart Vader is?

We should also highlight the fact that geek clothing is a winning strategy to attract adult clients to your store. Geek accessories and clothing are among Kidult’s favorites… and Kidult is becoming more and more numerous all around the world.


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Cerdá geek clothing is included in the family collection. It includes clothing for all seasons and all occasions. Other than children’s sizes, there are adults’ ones because, as you may know, geek fashion is very popular especially among young adults these days.


Download the Family collection catalog now!


Other than daywear, the catalog also includes a lot of other products, like nightwear, pyjamas, and underwear. All these products are also great gift ideas, and gift ideas are always important to increase your sales!


Cerdá geek clothing

Star Wars geek clothing

The cliché of the geek person is a boy with glasses, a beard, and … a Star Wars t-shirt. Today, however, geek culture embraces a wider audience, and - just like the Star Wars world and characters - is no longer a niche! Thanks to the Disney+ streaming platform, for example, a worldwide audience has come to know the older movies, and older fans could enjoy new stories and characters thanks to the Mandalorian

In Cerdá’s geek collection, there are clothing and accessories dedicated to all these characters and atmosphere, and more… It’s thanks to Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney, who comes a long way (more than 30 years) and that allows the company to provide their products with an original license.


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Marvel geek clothing

For Marvel and its superheroes has also happened something similar to Star Wars. From the comics that were only known by a small audience of passionate people, they have turned out to be phenomenons known in the whole world thanks to the films that, from Iron Man on, have created a universe in which many characters and heroes interact with one another across the years.


Cerdá also has a collaboration with Marvel and, in its collections of geek clothing, superheroes t-shirts, accessories, pajamas, and more are abundant. They are dedicated to single superheroes, the whole Avengers team, and even to the House of Ideas, as Marvel is also known, itself.

Other geek clothing

More and more people are falling in love with the geek culture, and more and more characters are begin included in it! The Harry Potter saga, for example, has been in the 90s what Star Wars has been in the 80s. Can it be considered a geek? Why not!

Harry Potter products are also included in all Cerdá’s collections and they are also suitable for adults.


With the re-discovery of geek fashion, many young adults have rediscovered their childish side and passions and they are proud of them!

Other than Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, the kidult and geek clothing also includes some pieces of clothing with the images of Minnie and Mickey Mouse and others.

All the geek clothing collection is made possible thanks to Cerdá’s collaborations that allow the company to use their original and official license so that Cerdá can manufacture products that portray characters in their original look and drawings. The original license is also a quality warranty of materials and manufacturing.

With the geek clothing and accessories, your store can target a wider audience: children, teenagers, young adults, and adults are all interested in the geek culture in different ways. Cerdá is the perfect supplier because it creates products personalized for each age range.

Hold high the flag and the uprising of losers all around the world and provide your clients with the geek clothing and accessories by Cerdá!

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