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7 tips to sell more than your competition

13 August 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Instead it requires much more than that. In order to sell more than your competition you require high level of planning regarding what you want to sell in your store, how do you want to stage your products and what is your promotional marketing strategy.


1) Use loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can help to increase sales in retail stores effectively. They are a good means to establish strong and healthy relationships between the sellers and the buyers. In such programs the sellers can either stamp a card at every purchase and offer an interesting discount after the consumer collects certain points or plot a monthly scheme that benefits customers with cards. An upside of using loyalty programs is that through them the retailers can also collect information about consumers and then send them personalized content that will prove helpful to the seller in selling more than their competition.

2) Organize contests or draws

This is another way to tempt public to stay a step ahead of your competition. While contests are a fun way to engage your customers in games or interesting acts, the draws can simply choose a winner by drawing a name through lottery system. Either way ensures good sales, In addition to customer loyalty and will help you sell more than your competition.

3) Use of integrated combos and packs

The use of packs or combo offers to hike up sales is a tried and tested strategy to sell more than your competition. You as seller can allure customers by designing attractive combos or packs where you are offering products at a better price, think about an Ironman backpack with a Captain America water bottle offered at cheaper rates. The consumers feeling that they are grabbing products at lower prices are guaranteed to buy articles they did not come to purchase in the first place.  This is especially convenient with similar designs and with the same characters, as they can create fantastic sets!

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4) Sales

Announcing high discounts on your products may feel like counterintuitive but actually is one of the best strategies to sell more in your shop. Offering discounts during sale will attract customers to your shop instead of your competitor’s and will make your products more attractive to them because of slightly reduced rates. Occasions like New Year’s, Christmas or just the seasonal sales will help you sell more than your competition. On other occasions you can get ahead of the sales, or make private sales only for the client club.

5) Cross-selling

It is not rare for consumers to go shopping one product and end up buying ten. Learning how to make your customers do exactly that can give you an edge. One way you can do this is through cross sales. Display the products the customers usually buy from your store along with related articles. For example, featuring bags, bottles, shoes and children's literature books nearby can inspire your customers. If you try to maintain the design lines of the different products, as well as the characters, a harmony will be created that will help increase the probability of cross-selling

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6) Social media Promotions

The social media platforms no more offer only a connection between two people but are also a means to connect consumers and marketers. All you need to do is to create a page on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Enter information about your products, tell them why you are the best in the market and update your offers, packs, discounts or date of sales from time to time and you are all set!

7) Be aware of your customer demands 

This is important. Do not forget your customers in the midst of all the planning and plotting. Always pay attention to what they are looking for. It may be articles displaying specific characters because a series was recently released or articles that are pertaining to a certain event like Cricket Worldcup!

Here at Cerdá Group we share our 45 years of experience in textiles, backpacks, stationery and as licensed kids clothing distributors to help you learn some of the best strategies about how to sell more than your competition, and many other tips for your business. Trust in Cerdá!


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Point of Sale Tips and Advice Online sales


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