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Buying wholesale toiletry bags: insurance for your business

5 December 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Wholesale toiletry bags are a successful opportunity for businesses, as well as being available in different types, models, colours and with an infinite number of characters, they are timeless. In other words, they never go out of fashion and can be used at any time of the year; summer, autumn, spring or winter.

In Cerdá we have prepared our Beauty catalogue so that you can select those that may be of most interest to your customers, so that you can always have them as a 'wardrobe background' on your shelves and increase your sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Below we explain everything you can find in our catalogue, so enjoy reading and start organising how to prepare your stock.

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Why are vanity cases a guaranteed bestseller?

Well, the answer to the question is simple: because we all, during many moments of our daily lives, need them.

Children go to school, and many of them stay in the canteen for lunch, and even if they don't go home, that doesn't mean they can't maintain the all-important dental hygiene. So they have to carry their toilet bag with their folding cup, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipe and, of course, their comb. So that they can look nice and tidy after lunch.

Teenagers, for example, go to high school or university. Many of them, like the little ones, eat out, so they have the same needs as children. But, in addition, they also need to buy a toilet bag to be able to carry their intimate hygiene items, girls, or make-up to be able to touch up at any time and still look divine.


The same goes for adults. Many eat out for work or have sporting hobbies that involve brushing their teeth, in the first case, and showering and grooming after exercise, in the second. 

And let's not even talk about travel because, fortunately, we live in a society that likes to travel, to get to know corners of the world, cultures and people. In any suitcase, the first thing to go is always a toiletry bag.

Therefore, and in view of the great demand for this hygiene and beauty product, businesses need to have a good, continuous range in stock, as customers will demand it at any time of the year and, in addition, it will be the perfect way for the company to promote cross-selling and increase sales, profits and earnings even more.

So, yes or yes, we all need a toiletry bag in our daily lives. Smaller, bigger, narrower or wider. That will depend on the needs of each individual.

Types of toiletry bag

Depending on the needs of each person, at any given time, one type of toiletry bag or another will be needed to carry out the programmed action or activity. They can be children's toiletry bags, travel bags, make-up bags... But what we offer you at Cerdá goes much further, as in addition to giving you the opportunity to satisfy your customers' needs, we also propose multiple models that they will fall in love with, as they contain their favourite characters!

Give your customers the perfect vanity case for them.


Toilet bag

The toiletry bag is essential for every member of the household. It is the one you use on a daily basis to carry in your backpack, handbag or work bag. It contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hand towel and a comb, brush or hair accessory.

In our stock you can select different types, from the smallest in size, to the widest and with a handle to carry them better. And, in addition, with iconic characters adored by the public such as Disney villains, Snoopy, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Mickey and Minnie Mouse...

Make-up bag

A make-up bag is a must-have accessory for any man or woman. So it needs to be comfortable, practical and small, but big enough to fit the essentials for a quick touch-up on the go. They're usually slimmer and zip at the top, and are the perfect size to fit your brushes, eyeliner, lipstick, eyelash curler and blusher.

We also have some fun, original and flirty options, with characters such as Minnie, The Child, Frozen, Snoopy...

Just one touch and you'll be perfect again!


Travel Toilet Bag 

When it comes to wholesale toiletry bags for travel, it is important that they are as complete as possible. When we leave our home for several days, we need to take with us all kinds of products that we can't avoid and, of course, we can't do without them wherever we go. Hygiene is essential socially and, above all, for our own health.

So in Cerdá you will find different models, in different sizes, with different compartments and shapes, and, of course, with all the most loved and adored characters of the moment.

Rectangular travel bags, round, with different compartments, that open completely, transparent, with zip and lid for a better closing security... and all of them, made with the highest quality materials possible so that they are practical, comfortable and very durable.

Remember to include in your stock different models and different characters, such as Marvel, Stitch, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Minnie, Mickey, Snoopy, the Little Mermaid, the Disney Princesses, Spiderman, the Canine Patrol...

And these are just some of the models you can find in our catalogue! So get going, discover everything we have prepared for you and succeed!

In addition, the wholesale toiletry bags will allow you to cross-sell to complement your customers' purchases and make them feel much more satisfied with the treatment they receive in your shop. You'll build customer loyalty and get them to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

With Cerdá toiletry bags, sales success is guaranteed!

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