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Much more than pets

1 December 2022 / per Cerdá Group

1. Did you know that in Spain there are more pets than children under the age of 15?
2. Pets, the new children
3. Cerdá and Ribercan
4. Pets, much more than pets

1. Did you know that in Spain there are more pets than children under the age of 15?

Today, Millennials delay marriage and parenthood and see their pets as children. The birth rate in Spain is falling sharply and pets are replacing the children of this new generation.

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2. Pets, the new children

For our children, we always want the best. And for the furry ones at home, the new children of the Millennials, it was not going to be less.
For this reason, specific products/services are beginning to emerge to ensure that pets lack nothing:


Your pet on holiday

Until now, when we went on holiday, we had to leave our pets with a family member or in a kennel.

Recently, some luxury hotels are adapting to this new socio-cultural trend and are offering their guests with pets: dog beds, dining rooms, bowls, photo sessions, pedicure and massage services... So that they don't lack anything!

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And speaking of holidays, Christmas is coming and in Cerdá we have the best licensed products to pamper the furry ones at home. From jumpers, toys, bowls, beds... Endless products that both owners and pets will love.

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Pet-Friendly Companies:

It is scientifically proven that going to work with your pet reduces stress levels during the working day. 

In the United States, it is estimated that almost 1.5 million workers go to the office with their pet.
Facebook, Google, Airbnb and Amazon are some of the companies that have joined this initiative and their workers couldn't be happier.

Dog day care centres

And for those who don't work in a Pet-Friendly company, there is a solution: doggy daycare exists! More and more people are making sure that their pets are well looked after while they work. So, just like the little ones in the house, pets also go to day-care centres.


Staying on top of the latest pet technology is a must for Millennials. The technology sector is aware of this and in recent years has developed apps and devices for them.

Pet technology is emerging as an effective solution to cure pet loneliness and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

From surveillance cameras that allow you to talk to your pet, even reward them with treats without the need to be at home, bark translators, to smart bowls that regulate their feeding.

Pet life insurance

Have you heard of them? They are very focused on dogs and cats. They usually cover:

  • Compulsory insurance for dangerous dogs.
  • Optional guarantees such as veterinary expenses.
  • Slaughter of the animal if necessary.
  • Real needs of a pet in the event of accidents, theft or loss.

3. Cerdá and RiberCan

It is clear that nowadays, pets are beginning to play a very important role in our daily lives. But there is one fact that makes our hair stand on end and that is that in 2021, 167,656 dogs and 117,898 cats arrived at the more than 1,500 shelters in Spain.  3.5 football stadiums with 80,000 seats is the equivalent.

If you want to know who Ribercan is and what we have done since Cerdá, read more about it here.

4. Much more than pets

In the latest episode of our podcast Life's Little Talks, our colleague Juan Luis Ramos (Customer Success Project Manager) and host of the show, has had the pleasure of chatting with Guillermo Sanz (Outbound Sales Technician at Cerdá Group) and Leyre, the sister and community manager of the dog influencer @lapizdemurcia.

If you want to know their vision on the current pet scene, here you have the podcast: Pets, much more than pets. We hope you like it!

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Corporate Information for fan pets Newsletteren


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