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Looking for a wholesale beauty product distributor? Think of Cerdá!

28 April 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Therefore, it is essential that your business has the best wholesale beauty products, which is precisely what we offer you at Cerdá! 

Discover our beauty products and count on a reliable, experienced, and resolute distributor. Customer service is one of our strongest points and consumer satisfaction is our goal.

Take advantage of beauty products to encourage cross-selling, increase your sales, and your profits!

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Hair scrunchies

In our Beauty collection catalogue, we propose a whole range of wholesale beauty products that you can add to your stock to satisfy your customers.

Among them, you can select the most fun, original, and innovative scrunchies. Ideal for your whole market, without having to make distinctions and featuring everyone's favorite characters from the original licenses.

Among the different models you can choose with or without metal pieces on the back, with decorative beads of characters such as Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, 101 Dalmatians, Frozen, Disney princesses... All of them are fashionable characters that have the audience captivated and with whom you can practice cross-selling to increase profits.

Another essential option, within this section, are the elastic scrunchies with beads, the fabric scrunchies, or the 100% polyester elastic scrunchies. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences in the different types of scrunchies to use in their hair.


The most original clips!

Hair clips are an essential accessory in any home where girls or women live. Therefore, from Cerdá, as a distributor of beauty products, we recommend that you never miss them on your shelves.

The variety is immense, with different sizes, shapes, colors, and characters. The clip is made of 100% metal and the bead is incorporated in acrylic. Glossy or non-glossy, but all with a high holding power, ideal for any time of the day. 


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Cool headbands and bandanas for everyday wear

Always, at any time of the day or at any event, headbands are an essential accessory. It's that special touch that makes loose hair, for example, gain the elegance of the moment.

At Cerdá we offer you these wholesale hair accessories and we assure you that it will be a guaranteed success in sales. Because young and old use them almost daily, no matter where or with whom they have to go.

In our Beauty catalogue you can find different models, textures, colors, and designs. From the fabric headbands , made of polyester with a cover to prevent them from sticking behind the ears to the, or the bandanas made from printed fabric, the perfect complement for an ideal outfit.

And, what's more, they all have the perfect print. Comfortable, pretty, and with the best Disney characters; Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Disney Princesses...


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Hairbrushes - no more tugging!

Hairbrushes are an essential accessory for everyday life. Whether at home or in your toiletry bag for work or school. And on top of that if they're Disney brushes, it's a total success!


Taking care of your hair and brushing it properly is essential for anyone, and at Cerdá we propose different models, sizes, and colors.
● The rectangular brushes feature a premium pad with spikes, made of ABS plastic, and are fully printed on the front.
● The premium brushes are ideal for untangling and are also the perfect size to carry in your bag or backpack. They have a pad from which different types of bristles come out, with different lengths that allow for spectacular untangling.

And each and every one of them has multiple options that include the favorite Disney characters; Peppa Pig, the Disney Princesses, Marie (from the Aristocats), Frozen, Stitch, Minnie Mouse, the 101 Dalmatians...


Girls Beauty Kits

In Cerdá we always want to go further. Offering our customers maximum satisfaction just as you do to yours.

That's why beauty kits for girls are the perfect choice. They encourage cross-selling, are the perfect accessories for any age, and make for an ideal outfit!

Our kits include different accessories: brush, ponytail, clips, bandana, or headband and, of course, a fantastic handbag to take everywhere.

The toiletries can be larger or smaller, with different shapes and, obviously, with the character that the consumer chooses.


Makeup Kits

Makeup kits are a must-have for your young and adult customers to come to your business and enjoy your products. Looking cute at any time of the day is always more fun if it's done with the official Disney licensed accessories because our favorite character is in them.

These beauty sets include a toiletries bag and a set of makeup brushes. To apply the base, blush, and eye shadow. And they are, without a doubt, one of the wholesale beauty products that cannot be missing from your stock.


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Wholesale beauty products to increase your sales!

But, in addition to all these accessories that we offer you from Cerdá as distributors of wholesale beauty products, we advise you to consult our catalogue thoroughly. Because there you will find hundreds of other products to choose from and offer to your customers, such as necklaces with beads, different beauty packs, surprise jewelry boxes, surprise boxes to make the little ones fall in love... And, in addition, the best accessories also for adults, such as folding brushes, travel bags, which can also be opened and hung on a hanger, or makeup sets or bags. And all of them, including new characters such as The Mandalorian, Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman, Mulan, Friends...

Get your stock ready to succeed!


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Large distribution Products and Novelties Buy wholesale




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