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Cerdá's for fan pets line is a hit in Interzoo

2 June 2022 / per Cerdá Group

With nearly 28,000 visitors, this edition of the Interzoo Fair has witnessed, once again this year, how the most innovative concept in the world of pets is a business opportunity.

For Fan Pets is a business line developed by Cerdá Group that saw the light of day in 2018. The fan phenomenon now has the opportunity to extend to the furry ones in the house.

At Cerdá we design, manufacture and sell 100% licensed pet products. Marvel, ACDC, Disney, DC or Star Wars, among others, are some of the brands we work with. 

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Did you know that in Spain there are already more dogs than children under the age of 15? This socio-cultural trend is led by the millennial generation. A generation that has shaken marriage statistics. Exactly 26% of millennials are married. Now the same generation that gives more weight to renting than buying, is altering another statistic, that of the life cycle. For this generation, where only 35% have children, pets are the new kids.

Discover with Josué Santana, Director of the For Fan Pets line of the Cerdá Group how to surprise your customers with quality, unique products that will help you to position yourself in the pet sector.

If pets could talk, they would ask for it. 

The pet sector is booming because millennials are looking for the best for the furry ones in the house: beds, blankets, toys, leashes, harnesses... but if pets could talk, they would ask for it!

They would ask to sleep in a bed - R2D2's cave because the force is very powerful in them. Otherwise, how else do you explain that they manage to get you out of bed every day when your 22 alarm clocks don't?

They would ask to feel like a god. Like the god Thor, hammer and all. At Cerdá we have turned this geek icon into a reality. A toy specially designed to take care of dogs' teeth. From the biggest to the smallest, they enjoy playing fetch with Thor's hammer.


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And how could they not ask to go for a walk with the Chewbacca harness - it's perfect for them! As well as being fun, our harnesses comply with all the quality guarantees:

• They have a very practical and secure fastening system that makes them very easy to put on and take off.
• The buckle is resistant, with great load capacity and is not in contact with the dog, avoiding entanglement with the fur.
• The harness is made of breathable and padded material to ensure maximum comfort and safety.
• They are ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes and characters.

Surprise your customers with For Fan Pets leashes and harnesses and position yourself in the pet industry.


For Fan Pets in Nuremberg

Interzoo is the world's leading trade fair for the pet industry, bringing together manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers. Around 28,000 trade visitors from 129 countries attended the event, where For Fan Pets presented the latest innovations in feeders, leads and harnesses, toys, beds and clothing for dogs, at a stand that was attended by the Hulk, Iron Man and even Captain America.


At For Fan Pets, we guide you and give you the tools so that together we can help your business grow.

Focused on the B2B market, we stock all products in our facilities to cover any special needs you may have when you need them.
• We provide you with a wide variety of graphic resources, online catalogue integration and marketing tools to boost your business, making technology your greatest ally.
• Our On demand service allows you to offer quality products with a high profitability for your business with a unique design that your customers will love.

Your business opportunity

Generate visual impact, surprise your customers and activate crosselling, increasing the purchase ticket, with our collections for dogs and cats designed to respond to the fan phenomenon.


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At Cerdá we want you to become a benchmark in the world of pets by offering your customers products from well-known and successful brands such as ACDC, Star Wars, Minnie and many others.

Discover the entire collection For Fan Pets of Cerdá and increase the sales of your business.

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Products and Novelties Corporate Information for fan pets


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