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Discover the products that can not miss in your point of sale these communions.

30 April 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Get ready to maximize your sales this communion season! In this blog post, we reveal how to keep your stock up to date with the hottest products. Discover the trends that are sweeping teenagers and the characters that are on everyone's lips.

  1. 1. The fascinating world of Teenagers
    2. The most beloved characters
    2.1 The iconic doll that keeps reinventing itself
    2.2 The fast hedgehog that never goes out of fashion
    2.3 The superheroes that conquer the small and big screen
    2.4 The adorable alien that steals hearts

    Top sellers
    4.A very special experiment
    5. New Retail Lab training for communions

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1. The fascinating world of Teenagers

Adolescence is an increasingly early stage of life, marked by the search for identity and the exploration of new experiences. It is a transitional period in which young people are constantly discovering who they are and who they want to be. In this journey of self-discovery, trends play a crucial role, as they greatly influence the way adolescents express themselves and relate to the world around them.

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Movies, TV series and cartoons also play a significant role in the lives of teenagers, offering them not only entertainment, but also role models and inspiration. Teens often identify with the characters in their favorite series and find in them an avenue to explore relevant themes such as friendship, love, family and personal growth. And speaking of characters, do you want to know who's making it big with the teenage audience?

2. The most beloved characters

In the exciting world of communions, it's crucial to be aware of what's trending among the teenage audience. This season, Marvel, Sonic, Barbie and Stitch characters have become true icons, capturing the imagination and hearts of young people around the world.

2.1 The iconic doll that keeps reinventing itself

For more than six decades, Barbie has been a benchmark of fashion, style and empowerment for boys and girls around the world. With its ability to adapt to current trends and promote diversity and inclusion, Barbie continues to be relevant in the communion market. And at Cerdá Group we have developed this combination of school bag, satchel and case to make it a hit in your business.

comuniones barbie

2.2 The fast hedgehog that never goes out of style

Since his debut in video games in the 1990s, Sonic the Hedgehog has been a symbol of speed, adventure and endless fun. With the recent release of the live-action movie, Sonic has experienced a resurgence in popularity, captivating a new generation of fans. Sonic-related school products are an excellent choice to appeal to teens looking for a touch of nostalgia along with the latest trends.

comuniones sonic

2.3 Superheroes conquering the small and big screen

The Marvel universe continues to expand, with each movie and TV series generating a fever of excitement among fans. From classics like Spider-Man and Iron Man to new favorites like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, Marvel characters are a sure bet to attract teens to your store. With this backpack + pouch + case set, you'll be able to satisfy fan demand during the month of communions.

comuniones marvel

2.4 The adorable alien stealing hearts

With his mischievous charm and irresistible tenderness, Stitch from the Disney movie "Lilo & Stitch" has captivated millions of fans around the world. His enduring popularity makes him an ideal choice to appeal to teens looking for adorable products with a fun twist. From plush toys and stationery to apparel and home accessories, Stitch products are a sure way to add a touch of magic to your store and capture the attention of young consumers.

comuniones stitch

3. Top Sellers

Thanks to our SuperMoments Retail Lab, we've got the inside scoop on our customers' favorite characters this time of year! Want to find out who's at the top of the charts to boost your sales?


mochila marvel

This school backpack is destined to become a must-have in your store! With a versatile and functional design, this backpack features a handy bottle pocket. Measuring 32x12x42 cm, it offers the perfect space to carry all your school supplies in a comfortable and organized way.


AMOR (1)

saquito sonic

The matching sachets are the perfect gift for communions! With a functional design, these bags are designed with an anti-suffocation system to ensure the safety of the little ones. Measuring 30 x 39 cm, they offer the ideal size to keep the most precious memories of your teenage audience.


AMOR (2)

estuche stitch

Your clients will top off the perfect communion gift with this matching pencil case. Featuring a functional design, this pencil case completes the communion gift set. Measuring 8.5x5.0x22.5 cm, it offers the ideal space to store pencils, pens and other school supplies in an organized manner.


4. A very special experiment

Amazing to see how adorable Stitch has gained popularity in our SuperMoments Retail Lab! It seems that the affection for this endearing blue character has been on the rise in recent years. With an impressive growth of 1737.54% in 2022 and a solid 39.52% in 2023, it's clear that Stitch has become a favorite among our customers, especially when it comes to backpacks and bags.

gráfica mochilas comuniones

This increase in sales of Stitch-related products suggests a notable shift in our consumers' preferences. His mischievous charm and irresistible cuteness have positioned him as a true icon, especially among teenagers who seek to express their unique personality through their accessories.

5. New Retail Lab formation especially for communions

Discover from the hand of our colleagueSandra Ruíz, assistant manager of SuperMoments, the backpacks, bags and cases that are going to succeed during communions in your business.

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▶️Con less than 4 minutes of video you will know everything you need to know about the products for communions.

🖱️Material didactic with features and photos that will be very easy to learn.
Final test for you and your team to test what you have learned.

📚 If you haveany questions, ask ! On the Retail Lab platform we give you support whenever you need it.


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