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New Lifestyle 2024 collection

11 April 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Do you want to know the top products we have designed for our Lifestyle 2024 collection? In this post you will find the latest in products for adults from Beauty, stationery, sports shirts, accessories and an exclusive collection for Christmas. Shall we get to it?

  1. 1. The Grinch is back for Christmas
    1.1 Christmas balls
    1.2 Sweater
    1.3 Socks
    1.4 Furry set
    2. The new concern of your customers
    2.1 Hairbrushes

    2.2 Beauty set
    2.3 Toiletries

    3. A must for your business
  2. 3.1 Notebooks
  3. 3.2 Stationery Sets
  4. 3.3 Planners
    4. Get ready for the Olympics!
    5. The accessories that don't fail
  5. 5.1 Umbrellas
    5.2 Slipers
    5.3 Backpacks
    6.Slow and steady
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1. The Grinch is coming back for Christmas!

There's not as much time left as you think for the best-selling season of the year. At Christmas, ensuring an abundant stock of products that will captivate your customers is key to standing out from your competition.From classic gifts to the latest trends, make sure your store is stocked with items that will spark the excitement and interest of your visitors.

From slippers to socks in very special gift packs to stationery... As you can see, we have everything you need to keep your store fresh and attractive during the holiday season. And with a clear protagonist: THE GRINCH💚

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1.1 Christmas Balls

Did you know that there are fans who collect Christmas balls? It is a product that simply cannot be missed during this magical season. From stationery fans to lovers of stocking stuffers , at Cerdá Group we have designed Christmas balls that are the perfect choice for Secret Santa. With Grinch designs, you will ensure special moments for your customers and make this Christmas unforgettable for everyone!

bola navidad el grinch

1.2 Trendy sweater

After the great reception that the Grinch is having at Christmas time, and especially on social media, this sweater is going to become a MUST for your business. Capturing the essence of the iconic character and the joy of Christmas, this sweater promises to be a hit with your customers.

jersey navideño el grinch

1.3 Socks

What would this season be without the classic Christmas socks? This season, surprise your customers with our original socks of the most beloved green elf of the moment. Perfect for gift giving and to enjoy during this special season, our socks stand out for their Grinch design. Add them to your stock and you will see how they become one of your customers' favorite products.

calcetines el grinch

1.4. Furry set

Stand out from the crowd this Christmas with our adorable furry notebook and matching pom pom pen! If you're looking for products that will get noticed and stand out in your store, this combination is perfect for you. The softness of the notebook and the fun touch of the pen won't go unnoticed by your customers. Also, they are ideal as a gift or special detail for this season.

libreta y boli de el grinch

2.The new concern of your customers.

Self-Care has become the new concern of your clients, dedicating more time to the gym and creating facial routines for Sunday afternoons. In response to this trend, Cerdá Group has developed new products in the Beauty category, full of novelties that you won't want to miss.

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We are back at Cosmoprof 2024!

2.1 Hairbrushes

Add a touch of fun and style to your clients' daily routine with our 100% licensed hair brushes! With a variety of shapes and characters, these brushes will become an irresistible choice for those looking for quality and originality in their personal care products. From the usual characters like Stitch or Minnie to designs of the top licenses of the moment like Barbie, Villains or Nightmare Before Christmas.

2.2 Beauty Set

Offer your customers the perfect combination for an ideal gift. Our sets include a cosmetic bag, hairbrush and matching scrunchies, a recurring option that's sure to be a hit at your point of sale. With a variety of designs and styles available, these sets are a versatile choice for any special occasion. From birthdays to holiday celebrations.

set beauty
set beauty
set beauty
set beauty


2.3 Toiletry bags

Power your business with our 100% licensed toiletry bags and increase cross-selling. From classic designs to models with 3D applications such as Villanas or Stitch, these toiletry bags are perfect to combine with our hairbrushes. With this combination, your customers will be able to create unique and eye-catching outfits that will not go unnoticed. Don't miss the opportunity to differentiate yourself and offer beauty products that meet the needs and tastes of your customers. Dare to stand out with this irresistible combination that will leave everyone surprised!

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3. A must for your business

Adult stationery has become a must for any business. Do you want to know which products are going to be successful in your business? We present them to you!

3.1 Notebooks

This season we have designed new notebooks of Nightmare Before Christmas, Wednesday, Harry Potter and many more. In addition, following the new market trends, the "TEDY" effect notebooks of Stitch and Barbie are going to become a must in your point of sale.

stitch notebook

3.2 Stationery sets

The 100% licensed stationery sets promise to be a TOP seller: as a Christmas or birthday gift. Include it in your catalog and you will see how it becomes a recurring item.

Cerdá Stationery

3.3 Planners

By incorporating this STITCH planner in your checkout, you will see how they become an impulse purchase product.
Don't miss this opportunity to increase your sales!

stitch planner


4. Get ready for the Olympics!

With the upcoming Olympics in mind, Cerdá has developed a whole line of sports t-shirts that will allow you to capitalize on this exciting event. Our products combine style and functionality in order to meet the needs of sports fans, and could be a hit with your customers, so take advantage of this to offer them the best in sporting goods!

Cerdá sports t-shirt

5. The complements that do not fail

At Cerdá Group we have designed a collection of products that are a must-have for your business, no matter the season. From umbrellas to slippers and backpacks, our collection offers variety to meet your customers' needs at any time. With 100% licensed designs, these products are a guarantee of success in your store - let us tell you more about them!

5.1 Umbrellas

The adult public also seeks to express their personality and style, even in the rain. That's why we have created a line of umbrellas inspired by the most loved and demanded characters by the adult public, such as Wednesday, Cheshire, Villanas, Stitch, Barbie, Lotso and Minnie.

cerdá umbrellas

5.2 Slippers

With our 100% licensed slippers, you will increase the average purchase ticket of your customers. These slippers, together with our pajamas, make the perfect combination for comfort and style at home. By offering licensed products, you guarantee your customers' satisfaction. Don't miss the opportunity to offer them a unique and complete shopping experience with our irresistible combination of slippers and pajamas, making them feel comfortable and fashionable at home!

Cerdá Slippers

5.3 Backpacks

Adults also use backpacks, as they are comfortable products for day-to-day use. At Cerdá Group, we have designed a new collection of backpacks that adapt to any situation. From models with iridescent appliqués to casual options with computer pockets, to tote bags and handbags, our variety of products offers options for all tastes and needs. Add versatility to your store with our new backpacks.

lotso Cerdá backpack

6. Without haste but without pause

Discover from the hand of our colleagueSandra Ruíz,assistant manager of SuperMoments, all our winter footwear models as well as their technical characteristics. We make it easy:

▶️Conless than 15 minutesof video you will know everything you need to know about our footwear.

🖱️Material didactic
Final testfor you and your team so you can test what you have learned.

📚 Do you haveany doubts? ask! On the Retail Lab platform we give you support whenever you need it.



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