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Online shopping trend: mobile is number one

4 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Online commerce is increasingly the preferred option for consumers. And while it was a process that was already underway, the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 accelerated the transition. Those who had never dared to shop online before began to do so, and those who were already doing so increased their online shopping for security.

In both cases, the convenience, practicality, security and speed of shopping showed consumers the benefits of digital shopping, creating a trend which, as we have mentioned, has been gaining ground over physical shopping. 

And in Spain, more than 77% of Spaniards will shop digitally in 2021 and, according to studies, 64% of users who shop online do so from their mobile phones.

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Mobile shopping ahead of computer

The Monei Pay platform has carried out a study on the state of payments in Spain after the first quarter of 2022. The report draws several conclusions that we will explain below:

-         Card usage continues to trend downwards compared to the survey conducted in the last quarter of 2021.

-        There is a great increase and preference for the online shopping trends, which is why virtual payments are among the first payment methods in our country.

-         Mobile phone purchases now exceed 65% of the market share, making it the most widely used payment method.

-        Bizum usage exceeds 15% of the market share, making it the second most preferred payment method.

This demonstrates consumers' preference for mobile shopping, as they consider it to be the most secure method.

Mobile as a marketing strategy

It is undeniable that the mobile phone has become a very important tool in people's lives. It seems impossible that just 20 years ago almost nobody had one. But like everything else, this has also evolved and everyone, at an increasingly younger age, has a mobile phone at their fingertips. 


Tanto es así que, como hemos dicho en el apartado anterior, las compras desde el móvil se han disparado y ya no existe una sola campaña de marketing que no lo tengan en cuenta como una herramienta imprescindible, y es que la tendencia de compras por internet se ha multiplicado cuando las empresas han condicionado estos dispositivos para poder realizarlas con él. Por lo que resulta realmente importante que las empresas tengan una web de calidad y e-commerce intuitivo y fácil, además de llevar a cabo una correcta gestión de su tienda online.

Parece que la tendencia, a corto plazo, es seguir creciendo en este sentido, preparando todos los e-commerce disponibles para que se pueda vender, y por tanto, comprar a través del móvil para adaptar el mercado a las necesidades y preferencias de los usuarios.

So much so that, as we said in the previous section, mobile shopping has skyrocketed and there is no longer a single marketing campaign that does not take it into account as an essential tool, and the online shopping trends has multiplied when companies have conditioned these devices to be able to make purchases with it. Therefore, it is really important for companies to have a quality website and an intuitive and easy e-commerce, as well as to carry out a correct management of their online shop.

It seems that the trend, in the short term, is to continue growing in this sense, preparing all available e-commerce to be able to sell, and therefore, to buy through mobile phones in order to adapt the market to the needs and preferences of users.

E-commerce evolution

E-commerce needs to evolve and one of its main steps is m-commerce, which is precisely what we have been discussing throughout this post, i.e. the growing trend of online shopping with mobile phones.

Thanks to digital sales we can buy from anywhere in the world and if it can also be done from a mobile phone, the convenience and security is much greater.

Advantages of m-commerce for marketing strategy

In all the marketing strategies that you are going to implement in your company, you should know that there are some advantages that will help you to achieve your objectives and, possibly, also some disadvantages.

The main advantages for a company to implement its marketing strategy using mobile for online shopping are:

-        The target audience can be better segmented, either by age, location, gender... so by doing so, all the campaigns that are carried out will have a much greater impact and, in addition, they can be much better focused and more specific.

-        M-commerce makes it possible to measure results in a much clearer way.

-       Mobile shopping is often carried out via apps. They allow for good visualisation, fast loading and unprecedented speed in all transactions.


-      M-commerce allows you to shop at any time of the day, any day of the week, any time of the year. All you need is an internet connection, which translates into convenience and immediacy.

-        Shopping with your mobile phone allows you to expand the possibilities of payment methods. These can be the traditional methods, which are becoming less and less used, such as cards or bank accounts, but PayPal and Bizum have also been added.

-        For companies, m-commerce is a great business opportunity, especially in the retail sector, but it also boosts competition between companies and therefore the quality of the products and services offered.

In order to use m-commerce, users only need a mobile phone and an internet connection. This is usually done via apps, but can also be accessed directly from the business website. And for companies that want to take advantage of the online shopping trends, everything is much simpler. All they need is a responsive website that is suitable for mobile viewing.

At Cerdá we work to help our clients increase their sales and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. That's why we help you integrate m-commerce into your business so you can embrace online shopping, meet your goals and take your business to the next level.

A business in tune with its customers is a prosperous and fruitful business.

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