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Rain accessories: find out what's new for your business

16 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Winter is an amazing time of year for many people. The blanket, the sofa, the movie, the warm pyjamas, the chunky socks and the accessories that come with the cold weather are a real treat for those who love to be warm and fashionable.

The winter season is a time for a lot of things, for melancholy, staying indoors and not going outside much, but why does it have to be like that? Everyone wants to enjoy winter as much as they do summer! So offer your customers the right products to achieve this!

At Cerdá we want to give you a hand and, for this reason, we offer you our winter catalogue, where you can find the latest novelties in rain accessories, completely original, fun, creative and of the highest quality.

Prepare your stock to offer your customers the latest trends, the most awaited products and with the favourite characters of the moment!

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Umbrellas for adults and children

Winter brings with it rain and snow and more than ever this year, due to the scarcity of water we have, its arrival will be much awaited and desired by all.

We adults are aware of this and, whether we like it or not, we prepare our wardrobe to be able to face the grey and rainy days. Umbrellas are something we always carry with us during this season, always prepared for any downpour, unexpected or not, that may catch us by surprise in the street. But if, in addition, we can get comfortable, resistant, original and fun umbrellas, we are much more willing to buy one or two every season.

And that, no doubt, is what your customers want too.

So it's the perfect time for your business to offer a wide variety of umbrellas so that adults can choose the ones they like best, such as the transparent umbrellas, very fashionable this year, from Harry Potter or Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Deadpool or the folding umbrellas that take up very little space and weigh very little, from Marvel, Batman or The Mandalorian, among others. Some are more discreet, for those who don't want to attract too much attention, and others are much more eye-catching, so that adults can also enjoy showing off their fun umbrellas.


The case of children's umbrellas is different. Children enjoy the rain, they live it as an adventure and they love to put on their wellies and grab their umbrella to jump over any and every puddle they find on their way. But if they can also do so while enjoying the moment with their favourite characters, their happiness is at its peak.

At Cerdá we offer bubble umbrellas with Marvel, Avengers, Frozen, Harry Potter, My Little Pony, the Canine Patrol, Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses... and so on with all their favourite characters! How easy it is to make a child happy, get it in your business!

And if you want to go one step further... offer them umbrellas that change colour when they get wet! They will be amazed and will leave your shop, parents and children, very satisfied.

 Fun and funky wellies!

Another of the best-selling rain accessories in winter are, without a doubt, wellies.

They are comfortable, practical and very useful on rainy days when both adults and children need to be outside and keep their feet dry during a long working or school day.

So selling wellies in your business is a hit and a guaranteed success and, in addition, it is an opportunity to generate cross-selling so you can practice cross-selling and increase your profits.

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In the Cerdá catalogue you will find all kinds of models of wellies; with lights, with glitter, with different characters... but what they all have in common is that they are made with the highest quality and with the guarantee of trying to avoid slipping on wet floors thanks to their soles.

Again, you can offer your customers a wide variety of characters, from Frozen or Peppa Pig, to Minnie, Mickey, Spiderman or the Canine Patrol wellies.

Make the most of the winter season with the most awaited rain accessories for young and old and let your customers feel satisfied with your business, enjoy their purchases and become loyal!

At Cerdá we offer you the best products, with the highest quality and creativity, so you can achieve this, so download our catalogue and get started as soon as possible. Your shelves will be full so that your customers can choose whatever they want.

See how your customers come to your shop and recommend you to their acquaintances, and get ready to increase your sales and profits. 

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