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Ideas to decorate your store showcase for this christmas

7 December 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the health of many people and, emotionally, it has impacted us all. But, in addition, the businesses have lived the most difficult moments that we can remember.

But, as they say, bad weather looks good because, without a doubt, together, joining forces, we will be able to overcome this crisis.

And for this reason, more than ever, we must focus on increasing the visibility of our businesses and providing our customers with all the excitement and escape routes that Christmas provides.

At Cerdá we want to accompany you and help you all the way, and then we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to decorate your window for Christmas and succeed with the result. So go ahead! Keep reading and increase your sales.


A good Christmas showcase as a sales strategy

Decorating your window for Christmas is a really effective strategy to attract customers and thus increase your sales.

For this, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money but to look for those options that best suit our business and get the most out of them.

With the new decoration, you will be able to attract the attention of consumers, setting them in the festive season in which we are or that is to come and infecting them with the Christmas spirit that we so much need at this time.

In addition, using festive decorations can allow you to make a difference with your competitors, enhance your own brand and that your customers get more information about your business.


Tips to decorate your store showcase for Christmas

Christmas showcase with Vinyl decorations

The vinyl records are the simplest and cheapest option to use as Christmas decoration in shop windows. With the image of Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men, reindeer, dolls or snowflakes ...

Without a doubt, they will cause a sensation and will attract the attention of all customers.


Congratulate the holidays with great posters!

A nice poster, with a black background and white letters, in which you can read a positive message congratulating the holidays, is another of the great proposals that you can carry out.

Strategically placed among the garments in your stock, it will look victorious in the eyes of anyone.

A low investment that causes amazing results!


Christmas showcase must be associated with nature

And that is, without a doubt, due to the presence in all the decorations that are used for these dates. The use of branches, mistletoe, pinecones ... all of this, natural and combined, will add a beautiful aspect to the Christmas decoration of the shop window.

Use these items to hang them from the ceiling to create a winter atmosphere, or to create walkways where your garments look comfortable and practical.


Include Christmas colors in your store showcase

Another of the great references that we associate with Christmas is the use of gold, red and green. For this reason, from Cerdá, as a distributor of licensed products, we advise you to visit your shop window, during these dates, with them.

Create sets between your clothes and the decorative accessories that you are going to use in which these colors are the protagonists.

So now you know! Get into the Christmas spirit and create the best Christmas window decoration for your business. Get your customers to maintain their link with you and increase your profits considerably!


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