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Disney backpacks to increase your sales in BTS campaign

23 June 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Backpacks are one of the items that cannot be missed in your gift shop, stationery or textile business. It is a product that your customers will demand throughout the year because the backpacks are given many uses, to go to school, high school or travel. In Cerdá Group, as Disney wholesale and a wholesale backpacks distributor, with us you will be able to buy a great variety of backpacks. We have an extensive catalog of products of these characters in which backpacks stand out. You can also find our full range of backpacks on our website!


Backpacks wholesale of the new Cerdá licenses

The backpacks of the new licenses are designed to reach different customer profiles so that you can reach more audiences and increase your sales.


1. Toy Story School Backpack

On June 21, 2019, the new film about the adventures of Woody and Buzz will be released. The fourth installment of Toy Story is giving a lot to talk about. As usual, with every premiere of this saga, the euphoria returns among fans, who love to buy items related to the characters. Cerdá Group has created the Toy Story school bag in 3D with a design aimed to younger clients.





The design of the backpack is full with symbolism that will be easily recognized by the followers of the Toy Story saga. Fans will identify the famous wings of Buzz's suit, the ones he was convinced could help him fly. There is  a fun addition to the backpack design, Buzz's wings represent hope. In addition, the backpack is very comfortable, is made of quality materials and has different compartments.


2. Avengers Backpacks

Superheroes are trending and the strong promotion that surrounds the premiere of Avengers: Endgame is favoring a great demand for the products that revolve around this saga of historical characters. The Avengers Backpack carries the image of the hero's iconic star, which is part of the logo of his films and is an icon among fans. The backpack stands out for its casual style, the different compartments it has and the quality of the materials. It is also aimed at an adult or a young client who will use it for high school, college or travel.


avengers backpacks


3. 3D Spiderman backpacks

Spiderman is one of the most fun and loved superheroes by the public. Not in vain he was Stan Lee’s favorite. The little ones (and the not-so-young ones) love him, and so we do! That's why we've created a line of Spider-Man backpacks. Different models that adapt to the needs of each age range.

Spiderman children's backpacks are items aimed at all ages. They are designed with a 3D front with the symbol and identifying colors of the superhero saga.


spiderman backpacks


4. Children's Frozen Backpacks

Elsa is the protagonist of the award-winning Frozen saga. Her relationship with her sister Ana, along with her strong and determined attitude, makes her one of the most beloved characters of all time.  The release of the new film in November 2019 will mean a real boom in sales of the products of the favorite princess of the new generations. Our Frozen children's backpack is designed with a 3D front that the little ones like very much.  Its size and rubber handle make it an ideal product for children's everyday life.


frozen backpacks


Wholesaler of licensed products

At Cerdá Group we are wholesalers with more than 30 years of experience working with licensed products and wholesale backpacks. We design, manufacture and distribute character articles. Previously we made a study of trends to know the tastes of consumers. These results will help us to know the licenses that we must incorporate and to be able to design the licensed articles that will be sales success. Our clients are able to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase sales and make their business profitable. Prepare your stock with Cerdá and make your business grow!


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Disney products Products and Novelties back to school


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23 June 2019 / per Cerdá Group


23 June 2019 / per Cerdá Group

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