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Cross selling techniques in retail with licensing products!

26 June 2019 / por Cerdá Group

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Cross selling is one of the most common sales techniques used in conventional shops to build customer loyalty and it is especially important for clothing stores and stationery. In Cerdá, we know the importance of implementing a cross sell approach in your business to maximize your profits, so this is the article you are looking for!


Cross-selling techniques in retail

Cross selling has as a main goal to have a buyer, who is already going to buy a product, to also acquire other complementary items. These are related articles, associated in some way: take for example buying a smartphone, and then adding to the overall purchase a cover for it, some especial matching headphones or even a pair of attached lenses. The same thing can be seen in a retail store like yours, you can increase your sales by having just the right product placing and shelving.

This last point is crucial: the easiest way to generate an organic cross sale is by having a complete understanding on how to benefit from the physical spaces in your store in your stock.


cross selling techniques retail


You develop a great cross selling strategy with licensed products from the most popular characters by pairing different sets of items with similar subjects: Avengers clothing when the buyer takes a pair of slippers; L.O.L. Surprise backpacks with sneakers or a Mickey  sweatshirt with matching umbrellas! Here are some cross-sell aspects you should know:


  •         Cross-selling makes the brand's income grow because it increases sales and in the most effective way: by building loyalty. When a consumer buys the product he/she has been looking for, this customer is not only more predisposed to increase his purchase, but he/she will feel more satisfied when a sales assistant recommends a related product that contributes to improve the shopping experience. This satisfaction that your customer experience will inevitably help build some loyalty towards your brand and store. They will start having a sense of belonging and you can be sure they will come back.


  •         Cross-selling can also be used as a visibility tool for products that are not usually the most demanded by the vast majority of customers. There may be businesses that use it, on the contrary, to promote highly demanded items and less affordable but whose popularity is such that it attracts your purchase.


  •         Cross selling is a useful last-minute selling technique that depends highly on the imagination, initiative and selling techniques of your sales staff. It is important to acknowledge you can always sell more, it all depends on wanting it! Train your team on how to offer complementing products to their current customer. Their ability to convince is enhanced by a reinforcing sense of brand identification, belonging to a "group" that takes care of their needs. The human factor is, therefore, one of the strengths of small businesses, as we have pointed out on occasions.


best cross selling channels


Best cross-selling channels

Cross-selling techniques are not only made in the physical store. It is common that stores having an online presence to include a range of products related to customer tastes, considering previous purchases. These products appear as recommendations while you load your virtual shopping basket, boosting impulse transactions.

This type of sale can also be made:

  • Through the thank you page after the purchase.
  • An attractive and useful online communication is to offer advice, possibilities of use and combination with other products through a "tutorial" video that can send the signature to their consumers.
  • In the confirmation email, you can add a small selection of complementary products.
  • When you launch a new article or a promotion.

If you still don’t have an e-commerce platform, the best moment to start one is now, you will see the difference soon with new sales and profits.


Tips for retailers

Now that you know it, it is time for you to change your entire sales strategy for a new one that includes more cross sell tactics, and we are here to help you out!

At Cerdá Group we are wholesalers with more than 30 years of experience working with licensed products. Our sales representatives will help you implement a better sales approach in your store, especially when you offer licensed products like the ones we design, manufacture and distribute.


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