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10 Key points from Cerdá advisors to manage your store

18 June 2019 / per Cerdá Group

There are times when, even if you put all the passion and many hours of work in your business, this does not translate into increased sales and therefore, more profitability. It may be that when reading these words, you may feel identified. With this landscape, the best thing to do is to stop a little and analyze again your strategy, in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your daily work and your business. It is always a good time to correct your way and turn this situation into an opportunity, making changes and having your business work.


Cerdá advisors: analyze and define the sales strategy

At Cerdá Group, we have a group of commercial advisors who provide consulting services to our clients. We consider that the owners of gift shops, stationery stores and textile business are a very important link for the Cerdá brand, so we can help you boost your sales with the purpose to make your business profitable.

When a Cerdá advisor visits your store, the first thing he does is to try to understand know your business and the way it works. In order to do so, they should know aspects such as the years of experience you have had in operation, the number of employees you have, whether you have more than one establishment, your competitors or the percentage of margin with which you work.

The advisors have a long experience in the world of sales, and they are experts in the sector of licensed products. They will help you offer the products your customers are looking for, the novelties and the correct way you should sell and offer the products.


Key points for successfully managing your retail business

1. Acquire the products for each season

Get ahead! You always have to be one step ahead of the time. Our sales advisors will inform you of the purchase periods of the products that you can buy at any given time. In Cerdá we want you to be able to offer in your shop what the client demands in each time of the year to obtain his/her loyalty, get them to return and repeat a purchase experience.


2. Buy the necessary Stock

Our sales advisors are interested about knowing your customers' profiles and purchase preferences. In addition, at Cerdá we have information on new trends. Based on this data, your budget and your initiatives such as the back to school campaign, winter campaign, Christmas campaign or summer campaign, you will be advised of the amount of stock you should have of each model and each license, both in the store and in your warehouse. The goal is to get the maximum profitability.


3. Offer 'Top Sales' characters

The star items that will attract your customers are licensed products and especially those that are trendy at a given time. At Cerdá Group, every year we carry out studies and edit reports to inform you about the children's characters that work best, upcoming releases and top sales. Our advisors will guide you, so you can offer the licensed articles that represent those characters and those movies. Success guaranteed!


how to manage your store


4. Differentiate with the latest trends

The products you offer in your store must follow the fashion trends of each season to attract customers and build loyalty to existing customers. At Cerdá, we study fashion trends, new materials and textures. With us, you will not only sell backpacks, but you will also be able to sell some that children can play with, customizable bags with lights and sounds and made with new materials.


5. Pair the licensed products

When you display the articles from top characters, it is better to arrange them together because if they get separated, they can get vanished with other type of products that you offer in your store. Also, when you group the products by theme, you benefit your sales, because the shopping experience gets more emotional. Your potential customers are children and they are moved by the love for their favorite characters. Seeing the products opens in their minds to a world of imagination that makes them want these products.


6. Enable cross-selling

Have your customers find in your store the item they were looking for and also buy other products that are related. How can you get it? Offer in your store different and related types of articles of licensed characters and distribute them nearby. For example, towels, bathing suits and sunglasses should be strategically placed in the same place. So, if a customer is looking for a bathing suit and sees other bathing products, he will probably end up buying some of those items as well. This type of cross selling helps you increase sales and make your business profitable.


cross-selling techniques


7. Point of Sale (POS) Advertising

You must use POS material at the point of sale to draw customers' attention to the products and get them to buy them. We refer to displays, posters or other kinds of merchandising items that provide an advertising message. They must also be strategically located using merchandising techniques.


8. Pay attention to your customers

The demand for products is the best valuable information in order to promote one or another line of your business. If your customers are asking for products of a particular character depending on the time (either because a film or a series has been released recently or by the advertising strategies of major companies such as Disney, Universal or Nickelodeon) you should take advantage to have enough products to their needs.


9. Take advantage of digital platforms

Social networks are a great showcase to display your products, offers and promotions you have in your store. Cerdá is aware of the importance of the digital world and applies it in its marketing strategy, so we recommend it to you, aiming to make you more known and sell more.

Before signing up in the profiles of social networks that serve for your strategy, you can also create a website with an e-commerce platform to sell your products. We advise you to include a Blog to create your own content that will generate traffic to the website. You can use it to position your web in search engines.

As for social media outlets, the first thing you should do is to identify the networks your target audience uses to focus your strategy. Facebook is the most used, in addition to post publications, promotions and products, you can design contests and announcements. In Instagram, you will promote your shop and your products through photographs and videos. Another strategy you can follow is video marketing with your own Youtube channel.


10. Transmit the added value of Cerdá products

When customers get to know our products, they repeat their shopping experience. Make our values known, since they will reinforce your brand image. At Cerdá we have been working in the licensing sector for over 45 years. We are wholesalers, we manufacture and distribute the articles of the licensed characters that customers demand the most. We are at the forefront of fashion trends and materials. To buy Cerdá products is to acquire quality products in which the client can place all his confidence.


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Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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