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How to design my point of sale: What should I pay more attention to?

18 May 2021 / per Cerdá Group

 What if we told you that there is another way to increase sales and influence the customer's purchase decision at the last moment? Yes, we are talking about the importance of Point of Sale marketing and perfect product placement. POS refers to the moment when the sale actually happens, and the customer pays the money for a product. It is at that vulnerable moment that you can control their actions and make them buy something impulsively.  

Most people underestimate the importance of an intelligently designed point of sale. We are here to teach you otherwise. Here we will talk about how to design a point of sale and how to execute the plan to enhance consumer experience and boost store sales.

Strategic design of the point of sale in a commercial company 

You have to be aware of a few things before designing the point of sale in your store. The most important one is situational awareness, which means you must know the current trends to make the most of your store design. If it's Christmas, you want the POS to have Christmas decorations, candies, treats, and anything related to the upcoming holiday. The same goes for Halloween, Easter, and other major holidays

The second thing is to place small enticing items near the POS. You will mostly see chocolates, candies, batteries, sports drinks, and other relevant stuff near the point of sale. Such things are usually not the focus of the average customer.

 They forego these items while grocery shopping, but you can try to influence their actions when they are at the point of sale by placing the products at the POS. While not everyone will fall into the trap and buy the product, there are chances that a few of them would, and that should be your aim. 

Moreover, it helps to put a visual depiction of people using the product. When the customer sees the advertisement and someone using the item, they will most likely try it for themselves. 

Lastly, think about creating an interactive point of sale. Perhaps, use a few salespeople to stand in place and demonstrate product usage. The presence of a salesperson will lure an average consumer to the POS and create more chances of a sale.   


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Keys to improve your store benefits through the point of sale design 

Point of Sale displays are inexpensive and a great way to lure your customers into a sale. You can use the ideas presented below to make the most of your products and increase sales. 

Using Counters

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way is to use free counter space and place products there, to boost sales. You can put any product on the counter that has had low sales in the past, and the customers will most likely buy it. Plus, you won't have to spend any extra money on this endeavor. 

If we think about it, the counter is one of the places where the clients stay the longest. Giving them something to look at, not only is wise as a cross-selling strategy, is also an opportunity to show the values of your brand through products that might not be easily associated with you.

Selling candy increases your sales, but also sends a message of youth and complicity. Having wrap paper reminds that your products are great gifts and it can remind the client to buy a present for an upcoming event.

What are the products of your counter saying about your brand?

Free-Standing Displays 

The average consumer is looking for the latest product that has hit the market. They are on the lookout for such items and it is your job to make them viewable. If there is a new make-up line or a gadget in the market, you can use free-standing displays and place them near the point of sale to enhance profits. 

Let’s face it, customers are over-stimulated, and competing with smartphones while the client is waiting to pay is challenging. Don’t play safe here! This is one of the last chances you will have to engage with your customer. 

The most important thing in your point of sale design process? 

To design a point of sale is not child’s play. You must place the products strategically in the right place, so they get the most exposure from incoming and outgoing customers. The store design must be crafted keeping this in mind.

Furthermore, the POS design should be easy to interact with. In other words, the customer must not be afraid to go near it, instead, they must be attracted to it. You can also use bright colors and write the price in a bigger font to create more attention. The easier it is to see the display and the product's price, the more chances are there for a customer buying that item. 

Every detail of your point of sale might help you to increase your sales. Don’t give anything for granted and start to use all the tools available to get the results you want. At Cerdá we will be happy to help you to achieve the best results with high quality licensed products. We want you to succeed.

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