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Keys to a successful B2B marketing strategy with licences

15 March 2024 / per Cerdá Group

The world of B2B marketing is a dynamic one. A world where strategic alliances and licensing create the perfect scenario to bring endless opportunities and creativity to life. Get to know the marketing or digital marketing strategies that will make every product more than just an article. Are you ready?

    1. Licences, your great ally
    2. Know your audience to touch success
    3. Always in première
    4. The importance of digital strategy

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1.  Licences, your great ally.

There are several reasons to include licensed products in your B2B marketing strategy.

  • Expansion of product/service offerings: They allow you to expand your portfolio by offering complementary products or services to your own, thus strengthening your value proposition.

  • Access to new audiences: By partnering with other brands, you can reach their customer base, which expands your reach and visibility in the market. That is why at Cerdá Group, for more than 30 years, we have been working on designing different licensing products that appeal to fans of all ages.

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  • Validation and credibility: Partnering with well-known or reputable brands can improve the perception of your company and bring credibility to your products/services.

  • Agility and flexibility: They give you the flexibility to adapt quickly to market demands, as you can incorporate new features or products through licensing agreements. Minnie, Stitch, Star Wars, Spider-Man,Lotso, Barbie, Mickey, Bluey and Gabby’s DollHouse are all on-trend characters that can set you apart from your competition.

  • Strategic synergies: Licensing can foster strategic collaborations, creating synergies that go beyond commercialisation and generating joint development opportunities.


2. Know your audience to touch success

Now that you are clear on the reasons why it is important to include licensed products in your B2B marketing strategy, you need to focus on knowing your customer.

Imagine that every customer, whether it's a Geek shop or a retailer specialising in children's products, has unique demands and preferences. Understanding these differences is the key to offering them licenses that truly align with their interests and provide tangible value.

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To achieve this, you must immerse yourself in their world, explore their business environments and understand the idiosyncrasies of their business. What motivates them? What problems do they face? What are they looking for in a licence that you can offer them? These are the fundamental questions you need to address.

Knowing your customer in depth goes beyond just understanding their industry; it is about capturing their emotions, their daily challenges and how a specific licence can become a valuable solution for them.

By understanding these dynamics, you will be able to fine-tune your licensing strategy more precisely, offering products that not only fit their needs, but also excite them and make a positive impact on their business. It's a process that requires empathy, thorough research and an open mind to adapt to the different realities of your diverse customers.

3. Always in première

Keeping up to date with market trends allows you to offer your customers the latest novelties and the most attractive licenses.

For example, at Cerdá, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with current trends, which is why we have developed a range of products based on the most popular characters of the moment. From classic icons such as Mickey y Minnie to new licenses such as Barbie, Gabby's DollHouse and Bluey.

Keeping up to date with the most relevant characters and brands not only demonstrates a commitment to topicality, but also allows you to offer your customers a diverse and attractive range of products. This gives you the opportunity to stay in tune with the changing preferences of your own customers.

4. The importance of digital strategy

Living in the world we live in, digital marketing for B2B companies is the best option to boost the visibility and effectiveness of your licensed products. From e-commerce platforms to business social media, there are hundreds of possibilities in the digital landscape that will better reach your audience.

You should have a website where your customers can see the full range of products you work with and what services you can offer them. Having social networks will help you to keep your audience up to date with what's new and what's happening in your company. In addition to this you can also offer your catalogue online so that you can bring your products more easily to your customers.


These are some of the digital marketing strategies that we at Cerdá know work and that will help the company to be much more connected with its customers.

Within this digital marketing, licenses become the hallmarks that capture attention in this digital noise, highlighting the authenticity and exclusivity of each product. In addition to this, we must not forget that behind the licenses there are big companies that do a great advertising work to make the public aware of their works. In this way you ensure that the products you manufacture and design are up to date with the latest releases, and so many shops and businesses will want to buy them. So working with licensing will become your best B2B marketing strategy.

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