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14 March 2024 / per Cerdá Group

In less than a week spring arrives and it's time to prepare your shop for the new season. In this post we will share with you the three essential categories.

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1. Footwear
     1.1. Let's go to the beach
     1.2. Happy fingers = Happy toddlers
     1.3. Pure trend
     1.4.New footwear training
2. Bags and backpacks for big plans
     2.1. Adventures without limit (of space)
     2.2. In spring we go to the beach
3. The clothes you can't miss in your shop
4. Put this implementation to the test

1. Footwear

At Cerdá Group we have developed a line of footwear that will be a safe bet for your business. From comfortable flip-flops to versatile canvas and sports footwear, we have everything your customers need.

1.1. Let's go to the beach!

Flip-flops, clogs, flip-flops and sandals. This product selection will take your business to the next level - there's a huge variety to choose from!

- Flip-flops: Safety and fun! Our flip-flops are made of materials that make them comfortable to wear. In addition, we have models with a back strap that guarantees a better foot support.
chanclas primavera

- Clogs: These crocs-style clogs are ergonomically shaped to fit the shape of the little ones' feet, providing a better fit and comfort for their endless adventures.

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (94)

-Flip Flops Pool:Designed for all-day comfort. The wide strap evenly distributes pressure on the foot, making them ideal for walking in.

chanclas pala primavera

-Sandals: With adjustable velcro fastening, 3D applications of the characters of the moment, EVA sole for more comfort and better cushioning, these sandals are a must-have on your shelves!
CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (95)

1.2. Happy fingers = Happy toddlers

Join the "happy toes" trend! Consumers are more aware than ever of healthy foot development. At Cerdá Group, we have designed this canvas shoe to accompany every step in the growth of the little ones. We're sure you're wondering what makes these shoes so special, so let us tell you! 

dedos felices cerdá

- The soft soles allow the foot muscles to strengthen and develop naturally. They also provide a barefoot-like sensation, which can improve proprioception and motor coordination in young children. This is especially important during the developmental stages, as it allows them to better feel the ground and adapt to different surfaces without restrictions.

- The heel counter is the back part of the shoe that supports the heel. A soft heel counter allows the foot to have a more natural range of motion, which helps strengthen the muscles around the ankle and promotes a smoother gait. It also avoids possible chafing or discomfort caused by a rigid buttress that may interfere with the natural movement of the foot.

-A soft toe cap, especially if made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber), allows the toes to move freely within the shoe, which is crucial for the healthy development of growing feet. This helps prevent toe compression and encourages a natural foot posture when walking, which can prevent deformities such as hammertoes or bunions.

- A wide last provides enough room for the toes to expand naturally when walking. This is important to allow the muscles and bones of the foot to develop properly and prevent problems such as overlapping toes or foot deformities. In addition, a wide last improves foot stability, which is essential for healthy gait development in children.

- The hook-and-loop fastener is especially useful in shoes for young children because it makes it easier to put shoes on and take them off quickly and easily. This promotes independence and autonomy in children by allowing them to manage their own shoes. In addition, an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener ensures a proper fit, which is crucial for providing support and comfort to the growing foot.

1.3. Pure trend

Sports shoes are also essential because spring is the time when the little ones go on the most excursions. It's time to go to the park, go to the countryside, enjoy a Sunday morning in the mountains... And you have to have your feet ready! At Cerdá we develop this wide range of models for you to make your business grow:
deportivas en tendencia primavera

-On-trend trainers: Stand out this season with the hottest trainers of the moment! Now you can stock the latest trends in shapes and colours with the most beloved characters for kids. From vibrant designs to trend-setting styles, our trainers offer the perfect combination of style and comfort. 

-Sneakers with lights: Looking to add a little sparkle to your stock this season, then don't miss out on trainers with lights! It doesn't matter what time of year it is because they're a must-have - and no wonder! Thanks to their fun lights they are the perfect choice for both personal use and as a gift. So don't be left behind. Add a touch of fun to your shop and keep your customers happy with this product that never goes out of fashion.

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1.4. New footwear formation

Knowing the technical characteristics of the products you have in your business is essential to offer your customers a better service. Shall we get down to work? You already have at your disposal a new training in SuperMoments Retail Lab🧪 Today we learn with Sandra Ruiz, assistant manager of SuperMoments, about the highlights of our summer footwear.

Microlearning on summer footwear
Documentation with technical features
✅Other training such as eyewear, caps, selling techniques
Tutorials to help you get the most out of your point of sale. 

All this and much more is waiting for you in our Classroom! We look forward to seeing you in class! ⬇️

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2. Bags and backpacks for big plans

We present the ideal bags and backpacks for spring, both for adults and children.

2.1. Adventures without limit (of space)

Among the most TOP products are backpacks, shoulder bags, round bags of the characters of the moment, and fantasy bags of new characters that have come to stay such as Gabby's DollHouse and Bluey. Not forgetting classics such as the Lion King, which this year with its eagerly awaited premiere is once again gaining momentum and its products are once again in great demand by customers.


2.2. In spring we go to the beach.

Spring is the beginning of the first days at the beach. The sun starts to warm up and your customers want to enjoy the beach Sundays as soon as possible. And what better way to do it than with a 100% licensed beach bag? Perfectly sized to hold their towel, sunscreen and much more, these will become their first choice. 


3. The clothes you can't miss in your shop

Make this season unforgettable for your customers by offering them the best in licensed children's fashion with our Summer 24 collection. Hulk, Avengers, Mickey, Minnie and many more characters are ready to set you apart from your competition.

- T-shirts: Offer them the 100% cotton short-sleeved t-shirts that are a hit! With super top character designs like Bluey, you'll see them flying off your shelves.

camisetas trendy primavera

- Dream-fulfilling pyjamas: Your customers can now sleep in their favourite characters! With short sleeves, soft prints and elastic waistband, they're perfect for cool summer nights - it's time to make their dreams come true!

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- Dresses: From 100% cotton dresses to tulle dresses, our collection has something for everyone. They are very cool and have prints that capture the essence of spring.

Copia de CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (15)


4. Put this implementation to the test!

Now that you know the products that are going to be a hit in your shop this season, we offer you this display solution so that you can implement them in a very simple way.
Apply it and you'll see how your business succeeds this season!
Download implementation

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summer Retail Lab Products and Novelties Newsletteren


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