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Must-have products for your shop: new back to school backpacks!

15 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Cerdá always celebrates the back to school period like an important event of the year: every year Cerdá launches a new back to school collection with anything kids and adults need to follow classes, doing homework, and bring their books.

But what’s the most important item when you go to school, whether you are a child or an adult going to university! It’s your backpack! For this reason, Cerdá believes that back-to-school backpacks are the most important item in your store if you want to exploit the back to school atmosphere and increase your sales!

And, for the same reasons, we are going to focus in this article on the new Cerdá backpacks.


Cerdá back to school backpacks: who are they for?

When we think of a back to school collection we immediately think of children. However, as you may know, children aren’t the only ones who need a backpack, and school isn’t the only place where you may need such an item.

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Through market research and thanks to its years of expertise, Cerdá noticed how - other than children - many adults wear backpacks too. Young adults, for example, use backpacks to attend university and travel.

Furthermore, backpacks are becoming trending even as a casual daily bag both for children, teens and adults. Instead of shoulder bags, girls and boys of any age are more often seen wearing a backpack on their shoulders as they run their errands in town or even as they go out at night.

School and casual backpacks do not always share the same characteristics, but Cerdá has customized the different models according to the different uses.


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Cerdá back to school backpack: different models

Plush backpacks for children

The plush backpacks for children look and feel like a common plush toy. However, they have a zipper on the upper side that allows children to put their things in it.

These backpacks are aimed at children, therefore, they are very small. They also have 3D elements like small ears or flippers sprouting from the main body of the backpack.


3D backpacks for children

Other than plush backpacks with 3D elements, Cerdá also provides back to school 3D backpacks. These have the full shape of the character they represent with some pockets hidden in it. These are also aimed at very small children, and they are small and very light weighted.



Backpacks for school

The back to school backpacks collection is rich with items that are specifically designed for schools. Cerdá has designed different models that can be suitable to the different stages of a child, teen, or adult’s education.

Preschool Backpacks

There are preschool backpacks that are smaller, sometimes with 3D elements, and additional pockets, like the one for the water bottle (available in a matching design with the backpack).

Some of the back to school backpacks also have some 3D elements, as Cerdá knows how children love them.

School backpacks

There are also bigger backpacks for school that can be more suitable for kids, teens, and even adults. They are larger and have many pockets.



The Cerdá back to school collection also provides trolley backpacks: they are common backpacks equipped with small wheels and a handle so that children can pull it as if it was a travel trolley, without making any effort with their back muscles. This model has been designed to prevent posture problems that can affect some children when they carry their backpacks, especially if they are too heavy, for long trips every day (for example, if they take the bus to go and come from school).

Matching school supply

The back to school backpack collection is accompanied by a line of school supply available in matching design with the selected backpack. Pencil Cases, lunch boxes, pens, notebooks, and more… They are available in matching designs with every backpack available in the collection!

Casual backpacks

As we’ve mentioned, school isn’t the only environment where kids and adults want to wear a backpack. Backpacks are convenient on many other occasions… and for all these occasions Cerdá provides casual backpacks for both children and adults.



Cerdá back to school backpacks: different characters

Thanks to its collaborations (some of them going on for over three decades) Cerdá is able to provide back to school backpacks with all the designs of the most popular characters. Furthermore, all the bags and backpacks come with an original license that guarantees originality, quality and durability.

Cerdá has access to many character designs, but which ones have been chosen for the back to school backpack collection? Well, it depends on the model and the targeted clients.

The characters in the children’s collection are different from the ones in teens and adults’ ones.

For children, Cerdá has focused on their favorite characters: they are Peppa Pig, Minions, Paw Patrol and others. There are also Minnie and Mickey Mouse and some superheroes.

All these characters (with the exception of superheroes and Mickey and Minnie Mouse) disappear in the backpacks aimed at older kids because, as they grow up, they lose interest in those simple and bidimensional characters. They start paying more attention to superheroes, Disney stories (and therefore characters)... For this reason, in the school and casual models we find designs like Frozen, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Marvel’s Superheroes, Avengers and more.

The designs for older teens and adults are the most sober: they have less bright colors, and logos take the places of characters’ faces. For example we have the Marvel Logo or Captain America’s shield instead of Iron Man or Captain America’s face on the backpack.


Not only backpacks

We’ve already mentioned that the back to school collection includes more than only backpacks. There is a full range of school supplies and, if they want, your clients will be able to create a matching back to school look with their entire supply.

Other than the items we already mentioned, there are also matching umbrellas and rain boots, pens, stickers, rubbers, lunch boxes and more…



Ready to go back to school with Cerdá?

Cerdá provides you and your customer with everything they need to go back to school with style and joy. The back to school catalog is renewed every year: check what’s new in the 2022 back to school collection and download the catalog now!

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Products and Novelties back to school


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