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13 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

While the number of families that have a pet in their house is increasing in every country, the feelings attaching pets to their owners and viceversa are becoming deeper: pets are considered by many as a part of the family, and sometimes best friends! If you are an entrepreneur in the selling sector, you need to read this as a new trend in the market. There is something new that your client needs: pet supply. And you need to be able to provide it to them if you want to grow a successful business.

Cerdá is always prepared for the changes in the market: following the new trend we’ve just highlighted, the company has become a pet accessories wholesale distributor. Let’s find out Cerdá’s offer for our four-legged friends.


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Pet accessories wholesale by Cerdá

As an answer to the new and growing market demand for pet accessories, Cerdá has created a new collection called Fan For Pets, that it’s exclusively designed for people’s dogs and cats of any size.

Just like any other Cerdá’s products, the pet accessories too all come with an original license. As usual, the original license is a guarantee of quality and originality. THis is only one reason why Cerdá is your pet accessory wholesale supplier!

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Cerdá can provide a customized service according to your particular needs, the company is always ready to share insights on the market like this one. Furthermore, Cerdá never shares a hint or piece of information without providing you with the tools to exploit that information, just like in this case! While highlighting a new market trend, Cerdá is already ready to also provide you with a rich catalog from which you can order the pet supply you need to exploit this trend.


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Fan For Pets: the new pet accessories catalog

The For Fan Pets catalog includes all the accessories that any pet owner will need when adopting a dog or a cat.


Going for walks

As soon as you adopt a dog, no matter the size, you’ll need the accessories so that you can take him or her for a walk. Cerdá provides collars, harnesses and leashes.

They are all customized with the most popular characters from Disney and Marvel and, of course, matching items are available: you can have a matching collar and leash, or a matching collar and harness.


The choice of characters has been based on young adults' tastes, since Cerdá’s market research has shown that they are the ones that are more keen to buy and spend more on pet accessories.

Collars and harnesses are available in different sizes, from the smallest ones that can be used even for a cat to the biggest for large dogs.


Pet clothing

Sometimes a coat for a small dog is necessary because they’d be cold while walking outside during winter. Sometimes, it's just a show off. In any case, Cerdá offers your customer the possibility of sharing their passions with their pets thanks to a collection of pet clothing of all the most popular Disney and Marvel characters.

There are coats and raincoats and they are available, once again, in all sizes.


Pet accessories for the house

When you adopt a pet your house changes too. You need to make room for dog or cat houses, bowls, dog and cat pets and so on. Cerdá provides the possibility of making your clients’ house super fun thanks to a collection of pet accessories for the house that are all inspired by Disney, Marvel and other characters.

All the items in this collection are high-quality and durable, and this is all guaranteed by the original license that comes from the characters’ houses and companies themselves.



Pet toys

Of course, your clients’ dogs and cats will need plenty of toys. The For Fan Pets collection includes toys for both dogs and cats. Toys for dogs, in particular, are customized according to the dog sizes. Some toys are specifically made for small dogs, and others are not only bigger, but also more resistant and made from more resistant materials and dedicated to large dogs.


Pet accessories and human clothing: matching items

Cerdá has created For Fan Pets so that your clients can match every item with one another. However, Cerdá has gone even further. Just like there’s a new trend for matching family clothes, there is also another one for matching clothes and items between humans and pets.

Within the Cerdá collection your clients can find everything they need to create a matching look for them and their pets.


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Pet accessories wholesale characters

We’ve mentioned how Cerdá focused on young adults’ taste and trends to pick the character for their pet catalog. What are these characters?

A lot comes from the superhero scenario, and not just from the Marvel ones. Superheroes from Avengers and DC Comics seem to be the young adults’ favorites.

Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Stitch from Lilo & Stitch couldn’t be missing for a catalog aimed at kidults.

There are also iconic logos in this collection: the Marvel and AC/DC ones, for example.


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Increase your sales with wholesale pet accessories!

Cerdá is your pet accessories wholesale distributor! Now that you know what a great opportunity pet accessories can become for your business and your sales, do not lose further time and begin providing your customers with the dog and cat items from the For Fan Pets Collection. Download the catalog now!

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Products and Novelties Buy wholesale for fan pets


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