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Summer 24, a collection with many novelties

13 September 2023 / per Cerdá Group

The Summer 24 collection is now a reality. And it comes loaded with many new products that we know are going to be a hit in your business. Let yourself go and discover in this post new licenses like Gabby's Dollhouse and Bluey without forgetting the classics like the Lion King.

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1. Gabby's Doll House 
2. Bluey
3. Lion King
4. More star licences and how to implement them
5. Minnie: A must-have classic for your business

1. Gabby's Doll House


Gabby's Dollhouse is an American preschool series directed by Blue's Clues creators Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey that premiered on Netflix on 5 January 2021. In the show, Gabby and her cat friends go on adventures inside their dollhouse.

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Undoubtedly, this Netflix series has caused a great impact on the children's audience, and at Cerdá Group we are fully aware of the immense potential that the products of this license have. For this reason, we have designed a wide variety of items for our Summer 24 collection including pyjamas, swimwear, hats, sunglasses and many more.
The Gabby's Dollhouse revolution is about to hit your shop!

2. Bluey

Following the Bluey phenomenon, at Cerdá Group, we have designed a collection of products that children will love. Bluey has left an indelible mark on the little ones, and after the success of the adorable little blue dog, we have worked to offer you a range of references that reflect the fun, adventure and joy that this character has brought to homes all over the world.

Download the Summer 24 catalogue!

Discover the Bluey products from our Summer 24 collection, designed with the fun and imagination of the little ones in mind.  After getting to know them, you'll be eager to say that Bluey has come to your business (and is here to stay 😉).


3. Lion King

Classics never go out of fashion, and The Lion King is proof of that. It has always been and will always remain a safe choice when it comes to products that appeal to all generations. In our Summer 24 collection, we offer you items from this beloved licence, from T-shirts and swimwear to glasses and hats.

Immerse yourself in the magic of The Lion King and bring nostalgia and adventure to your point of sale. Because classics simply never go out of fashion.


4. More star licences and how to implement them

New products are always a surprise, but in our Summer 24 catalogue, the surprises go far beyond that. We have put together a wide range of products from the usual licenses, such as Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Marvel and other classics that have become a must in every season. But that's not all, we've also added licenses like Wish, Flash, Minions, Tortugas Ninja, LOL and Rainbow High, so you can find everything your customers need. 

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  • Training in footwear, both winter and summer.
  • We share with you different sales techniques that you can put into practice immediately.
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5. A must-have classic for your business

The presence of Minnie Mouse products in a shop can be considered essential for several reasons:

- Popularity and demand: Her image is recognised and loved by children and adults alike, which generates a constant demand for products related to her.
- Appeal to children: Minnie Mouse is especially popular with young children. Minnie Mouse clothing, backpacks and accessories are often very attractive to her fans, which can increase sales and shop clientele.
- Disney Licensing: Minnie Mouse products are branded and licensed by Disney. Having licensed Disney character products can be an important draw for consumers, as the Disney brand is often associated with quality and entertainment.
- Cross merchandising: The presence of Minnie Mouse products can also benefit other Disney-related products. Consumers looking for Minnie Mouse products may also be attracted to other Minnie Mouse products, which is conducive to cross-merchandising.

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The world's most famous mouse is synonymous with success during the summer season. The most popular products are hats and sunglasses, followed by beauty items, backpacks, swimwear and dresses.

With the new Summer 24 collection, fun and variety are guaranteed - discover the season's products and get ready for a summer full of adventures (and sales😁)!

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summer Products and Novelties Newsletteren


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