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Swimwear: the summer hit

23 June 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Swimwear, the summer hit

At SuperMoments Retail Lab we have found that 40% of June sales in our shops are produced by products that are essential for enjoying the summer: swimming costumes, bikinis, flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, towels...

It's already summer and your customers are eager to enjoy the sun, the holidays and their favourite characters. And at Cerdá we want you to prepare your point of sale to offer your customers products and services that will boost your sales at this time of year.

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Since we opened our shops in 2018, we have been able to see how the summer season generates sales thanks to key summer products such as swimwear, both for women and men, regardless of age. With our family collection, more and more adults are opting for licensed products to enjoy their summer days off.

Do you have any doubts? Numbers are there:

  • 51% of the purchase tickets for the month of June contain items from the Summer collection.
  • Each ticket contains at least 2 to 4 swimwear items.
  • Out of all the swimwear collection, the product that generates the most sales is the Spiderman swim boxer shorts.

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TOP products from the Summer collection

Among all the licences we work with, at Cerdá we make a careful selection of the characters when we come up with the designs. Always thinking about the tastes of the public to whom the product is addressed, so that you can surprise your customers with articles of their favourite characters.

So for your children Peppa Pig and Minnie are the stars of the designs designed for the youngest members of the house. For girls and boys we design Frozen, Paw Patrol, Mickey and Spiderman products. And for the adults, we design items with elements from Marvel, Stitch, The Mandalorian, Harry Potter or Batman.


How do we implement the swimwear line at SuperMoments?

From SuperMoments we share with you these examples of implementations so that you can incorporate swimwear products in your shop without complications.

Remember that one of the key elements to ensure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience is to offer them information about the collection, the product and its features. That's why we have prepared for you up to 8 graphics with designs that you can print and implement in your shop. You will find them in your Cerdá customer area. You are not a Cerdá customer but you would like to have access to these graphics? Fill in this form


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Why implement the swimwear line at your point of sale?

The layout of the product, the order and its location in the shop are essential aspects to take into account when implementing swimwear products in your shop. Sandra Ruiz, Store and Talent Manager at SuperMoments explains in this video the importance of correctly implementing swimwear in your point of sale.


Discover SuperMoments Retail Lab

Reproduce with SuperMoments Retail Lab the implementation of Swimwear in your shop. You have at your disposal the communication materials and promotions for your customers to identify the products, discover the offers and recognise the qualities and characteristics of the top products for this summer.

And also remember that if you are a Cerdá customer, you have at your disposal all the graphics, references of the products we use in our implementations and other resources and tools for you to optimise your point of sale by accessing your customer area.

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