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Caps and glasses for your business; the most top characters

6 March 2024 / per Cerdá Group

It's time to get your shop ready for summer! Today we want you to know how our sunglasses and caps can become the best-selling products in your business. Keep reading this post because we'll tell you all the details.

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1. Importance to what is important
2. Your shop in style with these sunglasses
2.1. A wide variety
3. 100% licensed caps
3.1 Many models to choose from
3.2 Characters to fall in love with
4. Put this implementation to the test!
5. Drop by class

1. The importance of what is important

With the arrival of the good weather, caps and sunglasses become the great ally of your customers and also the star product of your business: 

- They are perfect as gifts. Unlike clothing, sunglasses and caps generally come in standard sizes, so they are less of a worry for your customers. They also mean fewer returns due to wrong sizing. A gift you can't go wrong with!

- Diversify your inventory. By introducing glasses and caps to your stock you can appeal to a wider audience and satisfy their needs and preferences. And if you also introduce several characters in your selection you have a much better chance of reaching a wider audience - the more you diversify your catalogue the better! 

- 100% licensed. Licenses don't fail! Products with the characters of the moment are a safe bet for your business. For example, they provide authenticity and quality, generating trust among customers. They can also differentiate you and make you stand out in your market. Put them to the test!

- Easy to implement. Caps and glasses are easy to deploy in a shop because of their compact size, which makes them easy to display and store. They take up very little space on your shelf and can be placed close to the cash register to encourage purchase, so put them in full view of your customers and watch your business cross-sell increase!

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2. Your shop in style with these sunglasses

Minnie, Spider-Man and Avengers have become the best-selling characters in the eyewear category, followed by Princesses, Mickey and Sonic: the classics never go out of fashion!
From SuperMoments RetailLab 🧪 we have prepared this graph to let you know which are the most 🔝 characters of the summer and their percentage of sale.
Categorías que más venta generan en (1127 x 1127 px) (2)

2.1. A wide variety

Now that you know which are the most popular characters in the eyewear category, we want to introduce you to the models that are going to be a hit in your business this summer:

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (99)Te puede interesar:

- Premium: Our glasses provide 100% protection against ultraviolet rays and the harmful effects of the sun's rays (UV 400). Full print, with 3D applications, in different shapes and styles to suit the tastes of your customers. Add them to your stock and you will see how the average purchase ticket increases. 

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-Set: This is an eye-catching product on the shelf.  It takes up very little space and has different designs of the most fashionable characters: Frozen, Mickey, Minnie, Canine Patrol, Spider-Man and many more.


3. 100% licensed caps

Your customers' concerns are also our concerns. We know that for them there is nothing more important than protecting the little ones. And 100% licensed caps are an essential accessory for summer. In Cerdá Group we have developed a wide variety of caps of the characters of the moment.

3.1. Many models to choose from

- Caps with curved visors: We've designed an extensive collection that captures the essence of the characters of the moment. From superheroes like Spider-Man to classics like Mickey to new characters like Bluey, your customers will fall in love with these caps.


- Premium caps: With 3D applications that make the character's ears stand out, generating a product that defies two dimensions. They are ideal to conquer the youngest customers, we have created a product that goes beyond the conventional, fusing quality and creativity to offer a unique item.

2200010127 (2)

- Caps for adults: In line with fashion trends, caps with flat brims have become an essential for adults in love with accessories.

- Caps + sunglasses set: If caps and sunglasses on their own are a sensation... imagine them together! It's a very versatile and eye-catching combination that can become the number one gift option for your customers.

At SuperMoments, in just one year, sales of these sets have increased by +239.56%. The figures speak for themselves! Get them and differentiate yourself from your Characters to fall in love with

I'm sure you're wondering which characters are the most loved by children in this category. Minnie, Spider-Man and Sonic top the ranking of TOP characters. Followed by Paw Patrol, Avengers and Frozen. Discover the full results in the following graph provided by SuperMoments Retail Lab.
Categorías que más venta generan en (1127 x 1127 px) (3)

4. Put this implementation to the test!

You know that at Cerdá we like to make it easy for you. We have prepared this planogram so that you can implement sunglasses and caps in your shop without having to think. Get down to work and you will see how your sales increase with this product distribution on your shelves.


Download implementation


5. Drop by class!

Do you know all about sunglasses and caps?  With SuperMoments Retail Lab you have at your disposal the Sunglasses and Caps training courses and many more materials so that you can get the most out of your business. And also remember that if you are a Cerdá customer, you have at your disposal:

References of the products we use in our implementations 
✅ Other resources and tools to optimise your point of sale. 

All this and much more is waiting for you in our Classroom! We look forward to seeing you in class! ⬇️

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