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New payment gateway at Cerdá’s web. Discover all the advantages!

22 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group


Being at the forefront of technological innovation benefits us but, above all, benefits our clients. And that's our daily work too: we want to make things easy.  The shopping experiencia at Cerdá’s web must be simple and intuitive. 

Facilitating the navigation and the purchase process through our website is an objective that we have set ourselves.  Thanks to this new payment gateway we are sure we are going to achieve this difficult goal. 

In this post, we want to tell you what it consists of and what advantages it will bring to all those who place an order. 


What is a payment gateway and what characteristics have the new Cerdá payment gateway.

A payment gateway is a service that is implemented in all those companies that make online sales and serves to facilitate payment to customers. There are different payment gateways and depending on which one you implement, the customer experience will be completely different. This aspect will determine if your clients will be more or less satisfied with their purchase. 

It is not useful to have a great web design or a good product offer if when your customer is about to order, the payment process is not simple, intuitive and practical.

At Cerdá we want to make this purchasing process as easy as possible, so we have decided to implement a new payment gateway for you. 


New forms of payment

We have expanded the payment methods.The customer can finish an order with two more payment options. Now not only you can make payments by bank transfer or through the commercial, but now you can carry out the purchase by also paying with a credit card or PAYPAL.

Once the products have been selected, a final screen will appear with all the payment options before finishing the order.


New Paymnet Gateway


We know that nowadays time is considered a very important factor, so we just wanted to simplify this process to diminish your time spent in the payment phase. We simply want to offer practicality and variety in the payment offers so that all our clients are satisfied and consequently meet their purchase expectations. 

Advantages of the new payment gateway

Quick orders

Placing the order through the payment gateway is going to save time for the customer. You will have the option to buy by credit card or through PAYPAL immediately (in addition to keeping the options we already had).

But it will not only be an advantage in making the payment, but it will also affect our delivery time. When paying through PAYPAL or by credit card, they can start with the order faster. 


Greater comfort

Placing the order through our website is much more convenient than placing it through the commercial. Do you know why? Very easy. You have all the necessary information at your fingertips without having to ask for it.

We have a very complete client area, in which when you register you will have at your disposal all the necessary documents for your company regarding orders. From invoices to delivery notes, through the possibility of tracking the order. You will have the catalog with all the images of the products and their availability, stock, etc., as well as the possibility of knowing the estimated delivery dates. 

We always put the focus on the client and on making things easier for them. A satisfied customer is a customer who will return and under that premise any company must work to offer the best service.

In addition to the new payment gateway, we would like to inform you that we have recently also implemented an automatic shipping calculation system for orders under € 150 for the national market. In orders over € 150 the postage is totally free in Spain.

We also give the possibility of creating a new order and adding it to an existing one pending to be served for, in case of reaching 150 with the two orders €, you can benefit from free shipping.

We hope that these improvements will make your shopping experience at Cerdá Group pleasant, and we will continue to think about ways to improve. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that may arise.

Corporate Information


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