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Matching family clothing: shared passions that make family come together

16 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

When you think of products and clothing of the most popular characters for children like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or the Avengers’ superheroes, you may think of a target audience of children. But Cerdá has long understood that thinking this way would be extremely limiting. And time proved that they were right.

Today, it isn’t rare to meet a young man or woman wearing a Star Wars t-shirt or a Mickey’s one. It’s the Kidult fashion, the geek culture, and a change that is happening in our society. It looks like adults are no more ashamed of showing their more childish side. On the contrary, they show it off through the clothes they wear and the accessories they pick.


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Since part of Cerdá’s job is to understand and anticipate the trends of the market, in this collection you can find adults’ and children’s items together. This way, Cerdá is ready to meet another growing trend in the market today: the matching family clothing one!


Matching clothing for the whole family

With Cerdá’s clothing, families can buy matching clothes for all members! From adults, to teenagers, to children, to new born… Cerdá provides you and your clients with different pieces of clothing, suitable for different ages, but all portraying the same character.

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Cerdá’s matching clothing for the whole family can be a way to make special days - inside or outside - even more special and fun. With Cerdá’s nightwear, even those Sunday mornings spent at home can become a special occasion!

Matching clothing can serve for colored family photos, or to go to a party or a family dinner, and it’s one of the most trending gift ideas. For example, giving your family a set of matching pyjamas under the tree and then spending Christmas day wearing them is becoming a tradition!

With the pandemic that forced many people to stay at home, Cerdá’s matching clothing for the family has become a way of bringing joy to a normal day at home!

Matching clothing: the collection

Seen all the changes and the new trending that 2021 is facing, Cerdá has decided - for the next season - not only to simply include products for all ages in its catalogs, but to create a Family Style catalog: the matching piece of clothing are the result of a precise study of the market and designs.


The different collections within this catalog don’t only share the same character but also the same design, background color, and characteristics.

Cerdá is therefore ready to provide its matching clothing collection for the whole family to you and your clients!


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Family style collection: characters

For the Family Style Cerdá has chosen the characters that can be defined as intergenerational, that are loved by both adults and children so that they can share their passions.


Among the Disney characters, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch is the one that has conquered adults and children alike. He’s funny, colored, and has a beautiful story of a friendship with a human. Everybody got in love with such a moving story and that’s why everybody in the family can enjoy Stitch matching clothing.

Cerdá has created Stitch t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops for the whole family. The backgrounds are customized (grey and pink are available) and the adults’ sizes are available for both women and men.

Flip-flops are instead available in the two versions for kids and adults.



Harry Potter

In the ‘90s and 2000s children all around the world fell in love with the characters and world of the Wizarding World saga and they have never forgotten it. Children keep falling in love with it, while adults remain loyal fans. This is why Harry Potter and his world can join the whole family!


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Minnie e Mickey Mouse

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are the Disney classics that everybody knows and loves. There is more than one Family Style collection dedicated to the most famous mouses in the world and they include shirts, hats, and bath suits.


The Mandalorian

The new Star Wars film and The Mandalorian TV series have given new fuel to the popularity of the star wars saga. Cerdá decided to dedicate its Star Wars matching clothing to the new (and old) characters of the TV series as they are being appreciated by both children and adults.




Cerdá dedicated a family matching clothing collection to Marvel, not one character or superhero in particular but to the brand and House of Ideas itself. Adults and children usually share the passion for superheroes in general, more than for one character in particular.


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Cerdá matching clothing

There are many different pieces of clothes for different uses and occasions available in the Family Style Collection by Cerdá. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Pyjamas: as a distributor of wholesale pyjamas, at cerdá we know that the pyjamas for the family style collections are short and light, ideal for the summer or warmer seasons. They are fun and could become a way of turning a simple Sunday at home into a special day that kids won’t forget.
  • T-shirts: they are a classic, but Cerdá wanted to provide the quality of materials and designs to create light, durable pieces of clothing for the whole family.
  •  Shorts: usually coordinated with the t-shirts, Cerdá also provides you and your clients with shorts to complete a summer matching outfit.
  • Hats: for some designs, like the Minnie and Mickey Mouse one, there are also hats available, in different colors and double sizes: the one that’s suitable for children and the adults’ one.
  • Flip-Flops: as you may know, Cerdá is also a shoe supplier. In the Family Style collection, Cerdá decided to include funny flip-flops that can be coordinated with t-shirts and shorts. They are available in many sizes and in two designs: the one for adults and the children’s one.

With Cerdá matching clothing you can answer to a new and growing demand of the market and increase your sales!

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