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Children's boots: get your business ready for winter

6 September 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Children's wellies are one of the most eye-catching rain accessories, along with umbrellas. Some people wish summer was over to welcome autumn and its rainy afternoons. They are the ideal accessory for this time of year and when we think of children, the options are endless. 

Children's boots 

Wellington boots are a must-have product if you are thinking about preparing your business for winter. They are a basic item for rainy days. There are many colours, designs and characters to choose from. At Cerdá we have prepared a line of unique water accessories. Discover them!

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Discover the new collection

vWith Cerdá's Winter collection we want to return to the essentials, to value the original and unique. And the essential is for the little ones to play and that is why we have developed a series of articles that allow girls and boys to have fun whatever the weather. Cold, rain, wind... with the Winter 22 collection, staying indoors will not be an option. Let's bring back those afternoons in the park, outings and walks.

A collection that combines leisure, rest and play with an urban, casual and fun design, looking for comfort in all garments and especially in children's shoes. The classics Minnie and Mickey, Peppa Pig, Canine Patrol, Spiderman or Frozen accompany the children's public up to size 34. 

Minnie and Mickey wellies

Do you know which children's shoes are the most popular among the little ones? Well, those in which Mickey and Minnie are the stars. And the fact is that the classics continue to triumph. Minnie's wellies with minimalist designs and bright colours.

Designs that emphasise the characters on neutral backgrounds, leaving behind heavy and saturated prints, playing with colours and simple elements to create fun wellies that combine with any style.

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Genderless designs

Increasingly, girls and boys are being educated to choose toys, clothes and colours regardless of gender. That is why our designs are universal, they can be worn by both girls and boys. Without differentiating by colours or characters. It is very common to see boys with Frozen backpacks or girls wearing Spiderman products, simply because they like them. 

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That's why we design our wellies combining colours and characters without falling into stereotypes, using colours beyond the classic pink or blue. And all our footwear is manufactured with technical features such as these in mind so that you can offer the best product to the market.

  • Adjustable stopper to adjust the boot to the leg.
  • Patterns printed on phthalate-free PVC.
  • Reinforced heel and toe offering greater stability when walking.
  • Outsole with non-slip studs.
  • Comfortable interior with foot-friendly insole.

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Superheroes in the rain

Gotham's most famous iconic yellow bat on a black background or Captain America's vibranium shield are some of the wellies designs that will be a hit in your business this winter. 
All the Avengers together in a children's wellies are without a doubt the best company for adventurous afternoons in the countryside as well as in the big city. 

And you can't miss SpiderMan. With two designs to choose from, this Superhero will delight both girls and boys who will enjoy taking their favourite arachnid character to school, to the cinema, to birthdays...

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Casual Boots

Minnie and Frozen are the stars of this casual boot model. Made in PU, they are water-repellent and allow the foot to stay warm and dry. In two colours to choose from: pink and pearly blue, they have a lace-up closure and side zip to give autonomy to children who are starting to put on their own shoes. 

With embroidered details, the casual boot has a decorative heel strap. The two-tone, non-slip rubber sole has a personalised design that will surprise the little ones with every step.

In addition, the sole has LED lights with a capacity of up to 350,000 steps.

The saying goes that in bad rain, a good umbrella will do

As a perfect complement to the wellies we present the new collection of umbrellas for this winter 22. With designs of characters that combine with the wellies and many others that can not miss in your business: Harry Potter, Peppa Pig, Avengers, Dead Pool, Frozen, Spiderman, Batman... Discover them!

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You can choose from all these models:

  • folding umbrellas
  • manuals
  • automatics
  • bubble model
  • transparent
  • colour change

The power of water

The designs in which the umbrella changes colour when it comes into contact with water are among the most popular. Do you want to know more about this type of umbrella? In this video you can see how the colour magically changes when it gets wet.

Harry Potter and The Mandalorian are the ones chosen to make magic happen when they get wet. And this is no coincidence. Only a muggle would claim that there is no magic in this design. And as for the little Grogu, we all know that the force is very powerful in him and that he is able to change the colour of the umbrella and much more!

Learn how to implement wellington boots in your business

And now that you know all the models of boots and umbrellas, you might be wondering how to place the products so that they are easy for customers to find and how to place them so that they attract their attention. At Cerdá we have prepared an implementation so that you can replicate it at your point of sale if you wish.


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Products and Novelties back to school


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