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Supermoments Retail Lab

23 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá, we have always been curious to learn more and better about the needs and reality of our customers. Know how to help them, what they need... learn to be their most important partner.

Due to the online growth, 10 years ago we opened a B2C website. We wanted to learn how it is managed, how end customers interact, what are the difficulties that can arise when updating the online store catalogue, prices, order management…

Thanks to this experience we learned a lot and it allowed us to develop a series of very complete services for digital clients. We quickly understood that to help our digital customers, we had to put the effort into creating tools for them to maximize their sales without wasting time managing product registrations or retouching images and videos.


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This is why we created Cerdá’s e-commerce integration service. This service allows customers with an online store to have our catalog on the web, immediately and effortlessly. In addition to the integration of our stock, product images and videos, as well as the complete product file.

In short, together with our clients, we focus on business development and not on procedures without added value. After this great advance, we thought that we should look for equally revolutionary solutions for all retail clients. But how to do it? We created SuperMoments!


Super Moments

SuperMoments is a chain of physical stores, located in 4 shopping centers in the province of Valencia, together with our website www.supermoments.es, form the Retail Lab of Cerdá Group. The objective of our laboratory is to collect information on the problems, needs and setbacks that our clients face on a day-to-day basis. When does Cerdá's order arrive in stores? How can we efficiently implement the product in the store space? How to define the ranges? What strategies can help us increase the average ticket?


Retail Lab of Cerdá Group

We also wanted to discover the tastes, preferences and purchase processes of the final consumer. What characters do they buy, at what time do they buy each product, what products or licenses do end customers ask for and we don't have in store.

To create SuperMoments, we had clear that we wanted to create a different environment where products could shine and where the shopping experience would be different. We worked hand in hand with the CUL DE SAC studio to create a unique concept.

Super Moments Retail Lab.001

These are all the resources that we have been developing for our own stores and that are elaborated by the human team that works at SuperMoments, retail professionals together with licensing experts:

  • Training on product to help qualify sales teams even better.
  • Technical sales and cross-selling
  • Training on characters and licenses.
  • Photos and composition of the new linear implanted in the stores. They can be copied very easily to reproduce powerful and well-crafted implementations in any store.
  • Ongoing promotions or proposed items to highlight.
  • Implementation calendar.
  • Invitations to courses and conferences at Cerdá facilities with a final visit to the stores.
  • Guided tour of the stores and presentation of the developments that allow you to sell more, improve work efficiency and details that give the end customer an enriched experience.

Innovation, creativity and imagination.

SuperMoments is that space where innovation, creativity and imagination are put at the service of learning to offer our clients results that we know they work because we have already tried them.


With 50 years of experience and 35 in the world of licenses, at Cerdá we are constantly looking for ways to offer you products and services that help you make your business profitable.

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Cerdá products Retail Lab


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