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Novelties in Cerdá! Discover the best products for winter 2022

22 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

When, with Cerdá, we found ourselves starting to work on the next winter products catalog, we said to ourselves that we could not ignore what has happened in the world in recent years. How to deny how much the pandemic has not only changed the way we do business, but it has also revolutionized the most daily and intimate aspects of our life?

The way we communicate with our friends has changed, and the same goes for the way we greet them when we meet them, spend time together ... the way we celebrate birthdays, how we go to work, the way we work has changed and relating to colleagues, the way we spend our free time… All this reflects on who we are, what we expect from the world.

The pandemic has stolen our precious time and now we want it back! How? How do you value every minute? Paying attention to what is really important, to the essential! It is from this reflection that the principle that guided the creation of the new Cerdá winter clothing collection was born: the Return to the Essential!

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Winter Clothing 2022: Back to the Essentials

So what are the principles, inspired by a return to essential things, that guided the creation of the Cerdá 2022 winter clothing collection?

Athleisure fashion

Athleisure is an English neologism that combines the terms Athletic and Leisure to indicate a casual and comfortable but fashionable style, which is therefore very versatile: comfortable for sports activities and for afternoons spent at home, but also elegant and fashionable to go out, go for a walk, do the shopping at school and university.

By spending much more time at home over the past couple of years, people all over the world have rediscovered the charm of comfort. Comfort is a discovery linked to the pandemic period that people do not want to give up. The athleisure style gives everyone the opportunity to maintain comfort while still showing off elegance and balance.


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Unisex fashion

Unisex fashion seems to be a very modern concept: it is only in recent years that the debate on gender has taken hold and led everyone to ask themselves very important questions. But the truth is that unisex fashion has existed since the dawn of time, especially in the world of clothing for children and teenagers.

Unisex fashion looks to the present and the past: this means returning to the essential.

Iconic Movement

Something as simple as playing in the park has been overwhelming for children and their parents in recent years. But this period served to rediscover the importance of such a simple but so important activity. Going to the park means socializing, exercising, spending time in the air ... Cerdá wanted to create a clothing line inspired by and ideal for this type of activity.


Winter products 2022: who are they for?

Cerdá is known for producing and distributing children's clothing. As you know, over the years the Cerdá collections have been enriched in accordance with the new needs of the market. So who is the winter products collection for 2022 aimed at?


For children under the age of two, Cerdá offers a line of rompers and pajamas, clothing, a Christmas collection and even a Family Collection.




In this category Cerdá has included winter clothing dedicated to children in an age group ranging from 2 to 8 years. In addition to the pajamas and the Family and Christmas collections, this line is enriched with winter accessories, footwear, and rain accessories.


The teens line is dedicated to the age group between 8 and 16 years. In addition to a daywear and nightwear collection, this collection includes accessories for winter, underwear, slippers and much more!


For people over 16, Cerdá offers a winter collection for adults. Here we find many winter products like clothing and accessories, as well as the Family and Christmas collections.


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Winter 2022 clothing: Cerdá products

But what can we find in Cerdá's 2022 winter clothing line?

Day clothing

The daywear sector is very rich and is present in the lines made for all age groups. It starts from baby rompers up to unisex tracksuits and sweatshirts for children, teens and adults.

There is no shortage of possibilities to create coordinated looks for the whole family.


The nightwear is made up of pajamas and dressing gowns inspired by cartoon characters, in full Cerdá style. Nightwear, in general, also provides excellent for fun gift ideas, a factor that you must never neglect to optimize the sales of your shop.


Like nightwear, the Cerdá underwear line is made up of products that everyone needs, but which can also become fun low-cost gifts. In the underwear sector, those that are most popular are the socks of the favorite characters of children and adults. Gift boxes are also available to make the purchase or gift even more special.


The winter clothing catalog is not the footwear catalog, but it still contains some items that are close to the principles that inspired this collection.


At a time when people have rediscovered the charm of staying at home and spending time with the family, Cerdá has created a fun collection of slippers and footwear for the home.


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Winter accessories

In winter, accessories are very important to protect yourself from the cold. Cerdá offers hats, umbrellas, scarves suitable for all age groups that have been identified.

Family Style

As we have repeatedly pointed out in our content, thanks to the Cerdá experience and our market surveys, we have long noticed a growing trend within families: that of having fun creating coordinated looks for the whole family.

Cerdá has created real coordinated collections that unite the family under the banner of passion for the same character, but which allow each member to wear clothes that are appropriate - in size and design - to their age.


Cerdá 2022 Winter Clothing: the characters

The time has finally come to find out what will be the most compelling trends for winter 2022 in terms of cartoon characters, films and comics.

The Disney classics

Let's start with those who never go out of fashion: it is no surprise that for the winter of 2022 the popularity of characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse is confirmed. The two most famous mice in the world are very present in the collections for babies but also in those for adults. Adults who wear Cerdá clothing are those fascinated by the rediscovery of their childish side: and who more than Minnie and Mickey Mouse represents the innocence of childhood?


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Other characters that can now be counted among the Disney characters are those of Frozen. These characters, then, are ideal for decorating winter products: as you know, in fact, the Frozen stories are set in an icy way. The colors and settings are ideal for creating warm winter products of all types.



Looney Tunes, Baby Shark and others

When creating collections dedicated to the very young, the passions of children of this age must be taken into account. This is why Cerdá has dedicated the day and night clothing line for children also to the characters of Looney Tunes, Baby Shark, Snoopy, and other characters that are part of consumer products - cartoons, songs, toys ... - who have the target audience is the one in a group of less than 8 years of age.

The superheroes

Superheroes are ageless and their fans are ageless. The Avengers, Batman, Wonder Woman and others are loved by young and old and therefore are present in the collections for all age groups.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a one of a kind phenomenon. It is a child who is part of a children's story, but there is a whole range of adults who have not been able to forget either the character or the world to which he belongs. This is why Harry Potter products are present in all the products of the Cerdá 2022 winter catalog.


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Star Wars

The world and the characters of Star Wars bring young and old together. Children discovered them thanks to the films released in the cinema in recent years and the Mandalorian series; the greats remember them from the 1980s and have recently rediscovered their passion.

Other characters

Over the years Cerdá has discovered how some characters and worlds have become real symbols. The symbol of Wonder Woman, for example, has become a way to affirm one's feminine pride, that of Hogwarts and that of Mickey and Minnie to celebrate one's childish side, those of Marvel and Star Wars to affirm the pride of being a Nerd.  In addition to the characters, the logos representing these realities have appeared on the Cerdá collections - especially in the products for adults: such as Avengers, of Batman, of Wonder Woman, of the AC / DC are some of the symbols that appear on the Cerdá winter products.


Winter products for your store!

Get ready for next season with the Cerdá winter clothing catalog for 2022. Download it now! And if you are looking for ideas for setting up your shop windows, take a look at our content on how to set up your winter window display.

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Products and Novelties Winter


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