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The back to school trainers that are going to be a hit in your business

11 January 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Is your business ready for back to school? Today we tell you about the latest news in sneakers; a must-have for this season. Discover in this post the designs that you can't miss in your shop to ensure success this season.

    1. The importance of choosing the right footwear
    2. The back-to-school season is back in full swing
      2.1. Guaranteed quality and durability
      2.2. Endless characters
    3. A very complete collection
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1. The importance of choosing the right footwear

At Cerdá Group we know what your customers' priority is: the wellbeing of their children. Choosing the right footwear for your sons and daughters is a key concern because: 

- Children spend a large part of the school day walking, playing and participating in physical activities. Good school shoes provide comfort and support for their feet for long periods, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

- Inappropriate shoes can increase the risk of injuries such as sprains, blisters or muscle aches. The right school shoes, with durable soles and a good fit, help prevent these problems, keeping children safe and comfortable.

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- During childhood, feet are constantly growing and developing. Quality footwear provides the necessary arch and heel support, promoting healthy foot development and correct posture.

- Comfortable shoes allow children to concentrate on their activities without distractions. It avoids unnecessary discomfort that could interfere with their attention.

- Investing in quality footwear can mean fewer replacements throughout the year. Durable shoes stand up to daily wear and tear, which translates into savings.

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Back-to-school shoes are not just an accessory, but an investment in the comfort, health and development of the little ones. Choosing the right shoes ensures that they are prepared to face the day in comfort and safety. That's why we've designed a collection of trainers that will live up to your customers' expectations.

2. The back to school season is back in full swing

Back to school arrives with a bang thanks to this new collection of trainers designed to take your shop by storm.  Comfortable, durable and fun, these trainers are the perfect choice for businesses looking to offer quality and variety. It's time to find out all the details! 

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Introducing the new Back to School 2024 collection

2.1 Guaranteed quality and durability

In our commitment to offer the best, we guarantee quality and durability in every pair of hunting shoes we design. Our new trainers have the following technical features, carefully designed to withstand the daily grind of little ones:

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✔️ Injected PVC sole for exceptional resistance to daily wear and tear.

✔️ Double Velcro fastening ensures a quick and comfortable fit, ideal for children.

✔️ Padded tongue and rear pull tab for ease of fit, prioritising comfort.

2.2 Endless characters

Back to school, meeting up with friends, homework, routine... Back to school is a real adventure but with Spider-Man, Frozen, Stitch, Hulk and Spidey it will be much more bearable.



3. A very complete collection

By opting for these trainers, you are giving your customers more than just school shoes. You are offering the versatility to combine them with a wide range of school products.


🎒42 cm backpacks: water resistant, with two elasticated mesh side pockets, padded handles and easy trolley attachment. 
🏕️ Pouches: perfect for hiking and thousands of adventures.
✏️ Cases: with a large capacity for storing school supplies. 
🌈Pencil cases containing: 1 eraser / 1 scissors / 1 pencil sharpener / 1 ruler / 1 pencil / 2 pens / 18 coloured pencils / 18 felt-tip pens.
❤️ Toiletry bags in the same line with characters such as Stitch, Frozen and Spider-Man. 
👟By choosing Cerdá Group trainers, you are offering your customers a quality, versatile and attractive option for back to school. With a range of designs featuring characters most loved by children, these products are a perfect complement for any business looking to stand out in the school season.

Download our catalogue, discover the complete collection and give your customers the opportunity to equip the little ones with the best in school shoes. Make the back to school a success for your business with our footwear!

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