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Trends 2024 in licensed products. Take note!

10 January 2024 / per Cerdá Group

After many years of experience designing and distributing licensed products, we know that every year the trends in the sector change. That's why we welcome you to the exciting world of licensing trends, where creativity merges with novelty to bring unique products to life. Do you want to discover what the trends of 2024 are going to be? This post is for you!

    1. The nostalgia
    2. All in Pink!
    3. Pop it
    4. New characters
    5. Products that sweep the world

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1. The Nostalgia

The licensed products business is a fascinating and very broad sector and, according to the latest studies, more than 57% of the companies that work with them are booming and increasing their sales.

Within this market it is very important to choose licenses that you know your customers will like. Such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars or Warner Bros.

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One of the recurring trends is nostalgia, which continues to be a source of inspiration for licensed products. Products that are designed with characters that make your customers want to buy them because they connect emotionally with them. Like for example our Stranger Things collection. 

Stranger Things is known for its nostalgic atmosphere that pays homage to the films and culture of the 1980s, and is inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and John Carpenter. The series combines elements of science fiction, horror and suspense, and has been praised for its strong plot, memorable characters and outstanding performances, especially from its young cast. Stranger Things has made its way into the top ten most watched series on the Netflix platform since its premiere in 2016 - so sales are assured!

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In Cerdá, we enjoy drawing smiles, and for over 30 years, we have been working with licenses such as Disney, designing products that your customers can enjoy.

Working in the B2B license market, we understand that characters like Mickey, Minnie, Stitch are among the Disney figures that evoke the most nostalgia, having been part of this universe for so many years. Therefore, this type of license is always on trend, and any product featuring their image ends up being a huge success. If you want to include these products in your store, we are your best choice as we have the license to sell Disney products..

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2. All in pink!

Transmitting style and energy, pink is a color that captivates attention and is highly versatile when applied to the design of a product.

In 2024, we have a wide variety of items that convey the vibes of this color. Featuring characters such as Minnie, Lotso, Cherine (the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland), or the princesses, we have designed everything from pajamas, sweatshirts, caps, and t-shirts. These products are set to make a splash in your store, giving your customers that trendy Pink touch.

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Other licenses such as Barbie, a doll that has never gone out of fashion and brings something new to the market every year, be it a doll or a movie, have that pink style that captivates children, girls, and adults. That's why we've also designed products that will be trendsetting in 2024 and will be a hit in your business.

3. Pop it 

Pop it toys are the trendy toys that have been gaining a lot of popularity among young children for the past few years. They consist of a rubber surface, available in various shapes, with small protrusions that can be pushed in and out with the fingers, creating a sound that could be described as a "pop." This trend has gone viral through TikTok.

When it pops, there's no stopping, and at Cerdá, we know that this new trend is taking over. That's why we wanted to merge this toy with our backpacks, incorporating them into their design.

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4. Productos que arrasan

As a company operating in the B2B market, we understand that our customers want their products to stand out. That's why we design them with features that leave no one indifferent. Examples include plush backpacks that are delightfully soft so little ones can go to kindergarten in style, backpacks designed in 3D with your customers' favourite characters, or light-up trainers with an added air cushion, ensuring that every step your little ones take is brightly illuminated.


Surely your customers also want to be fashionable, that's why products like t-shirts, premium caps, sweatshirts, beauty products and backpacks, will never stop being trendy. That is why in Cerdá we have not missed this opportunity and in our catalogue you can find all these products with designs of Star Wars, The Lion King, Lotso and many more characters that will always be a must have.

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5. New characters

Who wouldn't like to have a t-shirt or a backpack with their favourite character on it? The hottest trends in licensed products come from movies or TV series that have a loyal following, making them the most popular items in your shop.

Characters such as Bluey, Peppa Pig, Gabby's Dollhause, are sweeping and therefore knowing the preferences of children and being part of the B2B market we want our customers to be able to sell products that will make children fall in love, offering a range of products that reflect the fun and adventure that these characters transmit.

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Los estrenos de películas que surgieron como Barbie o series de las Tortugas ninja, el life action del Rey León o  Wish están en tendencia y en Cerdá Group sabemos.  No pierdas la oportunidad de incorporar a tu tienda camisetas, sudaderas, mochilas, hasta accesorios para el pelo de estas licencias tan top.

The premieres of films that emerged as Barbie or series of the Ninja Turtles, the life action of the Lion King or Wish are in trend and in Cerdá Group we know.  Don't miss the opportunity to add T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, even hair accessories of these top licenses to your shop.

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Get your business ready for 2024! New products and licenses will make you timeless. Offer your customers unique experiences to achieve success.

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