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Socks: an essential accessory

5 July 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Calcetines, un accesorio esencial

Socks have gone from being a practical complement to an essential accessory. Especially in the adult male sector. At Cerdá, the sale of socks for adults represents 66% of the total sales of this product.


And this is due to Street Style, the fashion trend that invites you to wear your socks at sight as Michael Jackson did in the 80s. The difference is that now not only white socks are in fashion, but colors, flowers, fun elements such as pizza, avocados, and above all, what triumphs among millennials are the socks of favorite characters from the movies preferred by this generation.


How do we implement socks in SuperMoments?

From SuperMoments in addition to the implementation of socks, we want to share with you two more implementations that cannot be missing in your business this spring because they are items that

  • take up little space on the shelf
  • work great as gifts
  • generate cross-selling with other items

We are talking about umbrellas, wellies and, of course, socks. Our colleague Sandra Ruíz, Store and Talent Manager of SuperMoments, tells you more about them here.


For the implementation of these three top products, we have these two modules in which we group in a single point everything necessary for the rain and in another module where we show the socks in their two formats:


The best product to give as a gift

The pack of three socks has positioned itself as a star product among gift items. Three different designs of the same character ready to be given as gifts with a very neat packaging.



Discover SuperMoments Retail Lab

With SuperMoments Retail Lab you have at your disposal the communication materials and promotions for your customers to identify the products, discover the offers and recognise the qualities and characteristics of the star products for this summer.

And also remember that if you are a Cerdá customer, you have at your disposal all the graphics, references of the products we use in our implementations and other resources and tools for you to optimise your point of sale by accessing your customer area.

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Retail Lab Products and Novelties Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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